How Can Technology Discreetly Monitor Staff Productivity?


Employee monitoring can be effective when it comes to tracking what people are doing while they are on the clock. There is a range of possible solutions, so companies should carefully consider which will offer the most benefits to their working environment. Whether you are concerned about time management, low performance or absenteeism, there are ways to boost your team’s productivity and keep everyone focused. 


Make Drug and Alcohol Testing Standard Practice 

Using drug and alcohol testing lab services can keep productivity levels buoyant, but also ensure a company complies with health and safety regulations. Through Matrix Diagnostics, companies can find the right options for their workplace and can login to view the progress of their employee’s tests. They can also offer expert advice on developing a testing schedule and provide telephone support for any queries an employer may have. 


Create Activity Logs with Key Cards 

Individual key cards are linked to one person and can be tailored to their security level. Moreover, they allow a business to track if a person is at work, where they are and where they have been on the premises. Key cards won’t reveal whether a person is getting on with their tasks, but they can make people more visible and send reports in real-time.



CCTV Cameras Can Provide Reliable Surveillance

We’ve all become accustomed to CCTV on the street and in public buildings, so it’s a familiar tool that’s generally considered an acceptable form of surveillance.  As well as showing an employer where people are and what they are doing, it can also prevent workplace accidents and flag security issues. 


Online Monitoring Software to Cut Out Distractions

One of the most popular methods of employee monitoring is tracking software. It is not invasive and provides many different functions. The best packages include distraction management, activity monitors and time tracking to keep an eye on output, while allowing people to work autonomously. As not everyone knows what the rules are about using social media or texting while at work, it makes sense to explain the company’s expectations before monitoring begins.


GPS Tracking Systems to Monitor Workers in the Field 

Monitoring staff who need to travel as part of their job can seem like more of a challenge, but GPS tracking can provide valuable insights. Primarily, GPS can reduce a company’s expenses by encouraging people to remain on a set route and be realistic about their expenses. Trackers can be fitted to vehicles that show their whereabouts in real-time, so adjustments can be made to a person’s schedule as required. This type of tracking can also keep deliveries and meetings on schedule, by notifying people in the field of potential problems with traffic. 

Striking the right balance between tracking what employees are doing and becoming invasive is certainly possible. So long as you find the right solution for your business, keep employees in the loop about your intentions and stick to monitoring during work hours, it should be easy to achieve your objective.