How Online Dating has Changed the Dating Scene

With statistics showing that 1 in every 5 relationships now start online, and 70% of people are estimated to meet their partners in the same fashion by 2040, online dating, to say the least, has revolutionised the dynamics of romance. But just how have dating apps changed the dating scene? And what has this brought to dating and relationships in general?

Through this piece, TechRound explores how the world of online relationships, and its increasing popularity, has changed the dating game for good.

What have dating apps brought to the dating scene?


With the likes of such popular online platforms as Tinder and Bumble, this fairly new development to the tech sector has changed the dating game considerably.

Tinder allows users to find potential matches from within their (partially) local area. Users create a profile of themselves in which they can add a bio, pictures, and even their most listed-to music. Users also have the option to set the age limits, gender, and even (to an extent) the location of the type of person they’re looking for, and simply swipe left (dislike) or right (like) on all the profiles that match this set criteria.

Once two users like each other’s profile, they can then talk via a private chat within the app. Tinder is one of the most renowned of these dating apps, closely followed by the likes of Bumble, in which the same concept is applied however only the women can initiate the conversation.

Apps such as Tinder and Bumble have introduced many different features into the world of dating, which have subsequently altered the dynamics to the dating game in some major ways. Some of the main ways in which online dating has changed the dynamics of dating are as follows:

  • Instant accessibility.
  • Increased connectivity.
  • Improved compatibility.

Instant Accessibility


One of the major features that these apps have brought to both dating culture and relationships in general is an instant accessibility unlike anything experienced before it. Through most dating platforms, such as those mentioned above, users have access to hundreds of potential matches quite literally at their fingertips, and can browse through these hundreds of potentials with the swipe of a thumb.

The very nature of all dating apps and online dating platforms in general, is to connect people who are looking for romantic matches. These platforms have a built-in purpose to then collect all romantic potentials and offer them up to users in one straight forward and easy to use app.

Having such accessibility to so many different users provides online daters with an increased chance of finding a match compared to those looking for love outside of the virtual world. It does this by filtering down those within the user’s area and presenting only the percentage of this group who are also looking for matches.

Increased Connectivity


As with the development of digital social platforms in general, dating apps and online dating has significantly increased connectivity between people. By enabling more instant access to romantic connections, online dating has increased the amount of connections made between people pursuing a match, and therefore has the chance to increase the amount of romantic connections made in general.

Increased connectivity is therefore another significant way that these online apps and platforms have changed, and in many ways redefined, the modern dating scene. It has helped to improve how people both find romantic potentials and get dates, making it easier for singletons out there to find a match.

These online platforms have facilitated a major increase in romantic connections, improving the way in which people find and further connect to others.

Improved Compatibility


In addition to increasing both accessibility and connectivity within the world of dating, these online matchmaking platforms can also be seen as increasing the rates of compatibility between dates.

By enabling access to potential matches’ likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests, in addition to having conversations via the platforms’ messenger services, users will have a higher chance of finding matches with shared interests.

Online dating has innovated an integral part to many singleton’s lives, redefining the dating scene and increasing connectivity throughout the virtual world. For more articles on the latest in startup news and tech, please click here.