Hybrid Work Security Solutions – Top Picks & Free Trial

Hybrid work is becoming more and more popular, but with this comes extra risks that companies should be cautious about. 

The Microsoft Digital Defence Report states that phishing attacks by cyber criminals could comprise up to 70% of enterprise-related security breaches. This highlights a vulnerability in businesses’ cyber-security that needs to be tackled. In this guide, we answer any questions you might have on how to implement the best hybrid work security solutions. 


Are hybrid workers more at-risk of cybercrime?

Before hybrid work became the new normal, the majority of companies only operated within their own established on-site infrastructure. This model was more secure, with all the company data only functioning under predefined security requirements supervised by one organisation.

Since employees have started working from home, the definition of the company perimeter and security measures have weakened. There is a higher exposure to internal and external threats. This is why hybrid work security is crucial.

Any employee can forget to switch to a secure network when working in public instead of in their home. This simple human error can leave your company’s data completely vulnerable to theft. 

In fact, Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report estimates that 85% of breaches relate to a ‘human element’.


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What are the 4 components of hybrid work security?

The 4 components recommended to ensure your hybrid workers are at a minimal risk of cyber threats are:

  1. Use a VPN to secure the network
  2. Use a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  3. Use cloud-based solutions
  4. Automate monitoring


Why do hybrid workers need to use VPNs?

The core idea of hybrid work involves leaving your company network and accessing its data through external networks. These external networks carry threats to your company’s information. 


What sort of VPN should hybrid workers use? 

A business VPN is the easiest way to ensure that hybrid workers are securely accessing your company’s data. This enables an administrator to monitor everything and give specific layers of access to each person using the VPN. 


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What is Zero Trust Network Access?

A ZTNA is a type of security solution that provides secure remote access to your company’s data based on access control policies. 


How is a ZTNA different from a VPN?

VPNs offer direct tunnelled access to an endpoint on a corporate LAN, whereas ZTNA only allows access to specific applications and services.


Should hybrid work schemes use a ZTNA?

Yes. More and more businesses are using ZTNAs alongside their VPNs. These two measures work together to create a more comprehensive defence system. Some providers, including NordLayer, offer both VPNs and ZTNAs.

Since hybrid workers are accessing data from home, or from public places, companies must implement ways of verifying their identities before they log in, and authenticating access. A ‘zero access’ model can help companies verify their remote workers, as well as segmenting the network and managing access controls.


Are cloud-based solutions good for hybrid work security?

Yes, especially for businesses that might plan on scaling up or down. NordLayer estimates that half of enterprise data is stored in the cloud and external network data security controls. 

Cloud-based solutions do not need expensive hardware, nor do they require the hassle of on-site maintenance. This makes them easy to use and maintain. There are plenty of cloud-based options available, including Security Access Service Edge (SASE).


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How can hybrid work environments use automation to improve security?

It can be difficult to manage all the requests and endpoints that inevitably need to be sorted in hybrid work environments. The more there are, the more room for human error.

To avoid this, automation can be used. Workplaces can use automation to simplify monitoring operations and detect any unusual activity quickly. 


How much do hybrid work security solutions cost? 

Business VPNs can cost from £30-£40 per year. 

ZTNA can vary. Small businesses can pay per employee, with prices around £5-10 per user per month. Larger organisations can look to see whether enterprise packages exist, which would be closer to £40 per month for all the users together.


Which providers offer the best hybrid work security solutions?

NordLayer, PureVPN, and Perimeter 81 all offer products that will help businesses improve their hybrid work security systems.



  • Multi-level cloud services
  • Strong verification system 
  • Free trial

NordLayer’s cloud services use a layered security architecture based on the SASE and Zero Trust models. They offer impressive business VPN products as well as  encrypted data traffic, identity authentication, and verification with a combination of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), biometrics, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

NordLayer Business

Nord offers a 30 day free trial, which is a great way to see if it could be a good fit for your business. 



  • Wide range of products
  • Strong cloud-based offerings

Cisco AnyConnect VPN allows highly secure access to the enterprise network for hybrid employees, as well as secure and easy multi-factor authentication. 

SecureX, their cloud-native platform, uses the Cisco Secure products with your company’s entire security infrastructure, speeding up detection, response and recovery.



  • Huge private cloud
  • Versatile streams of protection

Netskope offers Zero trust security, simplified and fast deployments, and unified data protection across web, SaaS, IaaS, email, private apps, and devices to eliminate coverage gaps.

Their software allows sandboxing and remote browser isolation, which detect and prevent advanced attacks. They also offer Netskope NewEdge, which is a huge and high-performing security private cloud.


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