IOT Apps, Data and AI: What’s New?

Paul Scholey, Vice President of International Sales at Sisense explores …

Organisations are starting to realise the immense value of infusing data and analytics in IOT devices and applications. In fact, a recent study, “The Business Intelligence Landscape,” commissioned by Sisense and conducted by The Harris Poll among product decision-makers, highlights that companies offering data and analytics to their customers have a competitive advantage and reap the benefits of increased revenue and loyalty.

Interestingly, 53% of respondents wished their analytics experience was more aligned with user-friendly entertainment applications, such as Netflix and Spotify. Meanwhile 96% believe their customers are interested in having AI-driven insights that can provide actionable, personalised intelligence in the context of their activity.


Starting the IOT Data Journey

Organisations who are starting their engagement with analytics need to make the data consumable and “bite-sized”. They must enable the process, so there is a limited gap between insight to action. In other words, take the relevant data to the person contextualised and in the workflow they want to use.



Who is Getting it Right?

As an example, technology platform Vitality centralises data from devices on meters, sprinklers, building automation systems, and more. Vitality’s building intelligence solution unifies all endpoint data in a single place. Its platform takes the guesswork out of building operations to help property managers reduce operating expenses, avoid costly damage – and optimise ROI while lowering overall energy consumption. By infusing Sisense’s data analytics platform, Vitality supercharged its offering, saving clients millions of dollars.

Another example is in the area of big data and the internet of things (IoT) and modern telematics. Telematics are now proving crucial to ‘the Internet of Things that Move’ (IoTtM).

What has become clear is that collecting the data is only one part of the picture. Analysis of ‘IoTM’ data can deliver wide-reaching benefits such as reduced fuel and maintenance costs, better communication and enhanced safety. More significantly, modern telematics can be used to completely revolutionise the new ‘data smart’ connected vehicle.

Directed Technologies, provider of automotive electronics and fleet telematics solutions, recently set up a strategic partnership with SingleStore and Sisense to enhance its telematics offering with a more data-driven approach.

With the help of its new partners, Directed Technologies can now manage large data volumes on a real-time basis, and is increasing the availability and scalability of its telematics. This allows for wide-ranging benefits since telematics can provide profound environmental, personal, and corporate benefits, including a more than 99% reduction in driver violations and dramatically lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs.


Empowering the Future of IOT with Data and Analytics

The future is exciting. Infusing advanced analytics in your IOT applications is one of the most powerful tools for business. There’s a treasure trove of information available to any company that’s willing to unlock it. That’s information that can provide a clear path to growth and profitability.



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