Landline Switch Off: Next 84 Areas Of The UK Announced

By Emma Lewis, bOnline

With landlines being permanently switched off from the end of next year, Openreach has now revealed the next 84 new UK locations for the axe over the next year.

Landlines rely on outdated copper wires that are over 100 years old. They’re expensive and difficult to maintain, and don’t meet modern communication needs. This significant development means the sale of traditional analogue services to over 880,000 premises across the UK will stop, affecting all households and businesses too.

What Is The Alternative to a Landline?


The country is fast moving towards a digital era, with old style copper landlines being replaced by superior Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connections. But it’s not just about broadband; it’s revolutionising home and business phone systems too. It means most people  are now moving over to VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as the main alternative.


What Is VoIP?


VoIP is a digital communication method that connects calls using the internet rather than copper wires. As it’s cloud based, you can also access your system to make and receive calls on the go using your smartphone or tablet, so no more ‘hanging by the telephone.’ This is great for small businesses in particular.

VoIP phone systems also come packed with loads of extra handy features, including call divert and menus, voicemail, conference calling, access to call analytics data, hold music and much more. You also tend to sign up for a fixed price monthly subscription, many of which include unlimited calls and even international calls, so you can save some serious money.

However, with VoIP requiring a Full Fibre broadband connection to work, the race is on to roll out Full Fibre as quickly as possible. Indeed, following the implementation of the “Stop Sell” directive, Internet Service Providers will have to offer new customers the significantly faster FTTP connections automatically.

Openreach has said that a “Stop Sell” order kicks in when 75% of premises connected to an exchange can access ultrafast Full Fibre broadband. So customers who want to switch, upgrade, or re-grade their broadband or phone service will need to move to the new digital service provided over the Full Fibre network.

However, it’s important to note that customers in these exchanges who cannot yet receive Ultrafast Full Fibre at their premises are not currently affected. This means they can carry on using their existing copper-based services until Full Fibre is available to them.


Which Areas Are Next To Lose Landlines?


Below is the latest full list of areas where copper cables are being phased out:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Addingham
  3. Alderminster
  4. Antrim
  5. Appleton Roebuck
  6. Ashington (Northumberland)
  7. Barking and Dagenham
  8. Bishop Auckland
  9. Blackpool
  10. Bradford
  11. Bridgend
  12. Brighton and Hove
  13. Burnham-on-Sea
  14. Buxton (High Peak)
  15. Cannock
  16. Cardiff
  17. Carlisle
  18. Chatham
  19. Chelmsford
  20. Chesterfield
  21. Coalville
  22. Craigavon
  23. Doncaster
  24. Ellington (Northumberland)
  25. Exeter
  26. Flamborough
  27. Gillingham (Kent)
  28. Glasgow
  29. Greater London
  30. Greater Manchester
  31. Greater Manchester
  32. Greater Manchester
  33. Grimsby
  34. Havering
  35. Haywards Heath
  36. Heage
  37. Houghton-le-Spring
  38. Huddersfield
  39. Ilkeston
  40. Ilkley
  41. Ipswich
  42. Kidsgrove
  43. Leicester
  44. Leicester
  45. Leven
  46. Llanbrynmair
  47. Luton
  48. Manchester
  49. Mareham le Fen
  50. Moore
  51. Motherwell
  52. New Mills
  53. North Kelser
  54. Oldham
  55. Penistone
  56. Pontardawe
  57. Portlethen
  58. Raunds
  59. Rayleigh
  60. Rearsby
  61. Rippingale
  62. Ross-on-Wye
  63. Rotherfield
  64. Rotherham
  65. Rugby
  66. Saintfield
  67. Scotter
  68. Scunthorpe
  69. Sheffield
  70. Sherburn (County Durham)
  71. Skegness
  72. Solihull
  73. South Cave
  74. Southend-on-Sea
  75. Southwark
  76. Stotfold
  77. Stratford-upon-Avon
  78. Tameside
  79. Torquay
  80. Trefor
  81. Tregynon
  82. Wakefield
  83. Waltham on the Wolds
  84. Wigan


Want To Know More?


It is important to be on top of the landline switch-off and how you can find the right VoIP system for you. It’s particularly important if you’re running a small business, and it’s worth doing your research: