Mention Introduces New Standard Alert for Smarter Social Listening

Mention, the social listening and media monitoring platform has released its latest feature, Standard Alert. It offers a more accessible way to monitor online and speaks to the struggle of today’s marketer’s face when leveraging data in their workflow. The Standard Alert helps to reduce the time spent sifting through crowded social data and ensures search queries are set up efficiently to gather precise results. Mention’s technology team is using a computer language Boolean search expression to power the latest feature.

The Standard Alert query builder aims to reduce search errors by suggesting specific operators to use based on previous keywords, and operator combinations to generate the most accurate social data results. The feature makes it easier for anyone to make robust online searches that are either fine tuned or broad to fit specific marketing objectives. Mention customer, Mkolaj Skubina, COO is the Founder of retail business , Timeqube. He says he’s now able to understand Boolean search’s function within the query builder, which helps him save time in his workflow.



“We saw a real need for a smarter and more autonomous way to conduct online monitoring. Specifically for those who are not equipped to spend more time nurturing traditional Boolean search strings. The Standard Alert’s simplified Boolean approach is something no one else is really offering to the industry right now. It gives all the benefits of customizable social listening, in a do-it-yourself manner, without the hassle of writing out Boolean search commands.” — Arnaud Le Blanc, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mention

 Standard Alert:

  • Faster monitoring and more accurate social data: query builder interface guides keyword and operator combinations for optimal data fetching of mentions
  • Flexible to adaptable to marketing objectives: choose include or exclude specific online sources and web pages from your search
  • Instant results preview: at any time during the query building process, see a preview of social data that will be collected


Mention’s latest feature Standard Alert is available exclusively in the ProPlus plan and offered in Company plans. Visiting our pricing page or alert feature page for more information.

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