Mobile Gaming Continuing To Grow At A Rapid Pace

Ever since the internet has become commonplace in most peoples’ homes, it’s become ingrained in our everyday lives. We use the internet for anything and everything, from cooking recipes to playing online slot games. It’s difficult to think of a time in our lives when we didn’t rely on the internet for information and solutions.

It became even easier to access the internet when smartphones started to rise in popularity. Having a device that you can carry round with you that has access to the internet makes it easier than ever to stay connected.

This is just part of the reason why mobile gaming has become so popular. Let’s take a deeper look into why mobile gaming has continued to grow in popularity.

Why Is Mobile Gaming So Popular?

Playing games has always been a top choice when it comes to choosing how you spend your free time. It’s one of the world’s favourite hobbies so it’s really no surprise that it rose in popularity so quickly. As soon as smartphones became more accessible for everyone, mobile gaming really took off.

Easy To Access Anytime, Anywhere

The top benefit to playing games on your mobile device as opposed to a traditional land-based casino is that you can play anywhere. Wherever you have internet access, you can access all the best mobile games.

If your train home from work is delayed, you can pass the time by playing your favourite online slot game. Even if you’re just sat on the couch and can’t be bothered to go anywhere, you can play an online game on your mobile device to keep yourself entertained.

More Games Available

A land based casino relies on having enough floor space for all the games they wish to supply. Oftentimes, this means that they have to cut a few out in order to get a good enough range for their audience. But this isn’t great if they cut the game that you enjoy the most.

Thankfully, with mobile gaming, there is no limit on space! There is infinite space for all the best games, so you never have to miss out.

More Promotions And Bonuses Up For Grabs

Due to the number of online casinos there are available, there is a lot of competition between them. This means that they’re always trying to out do each other in terms of promotions and bonuses.

This is great news for online gamers because it means you have a whole range of bonuses to take advantage of. These come in all shapes and sizes: sign up bonuses when you create an account with an online casino, loyalty bonuses for playing a certain number of games at an online casino as well as referral bonuses for signing up your friends.

No Need To Travel

One of the best things about an online casino is that you don’t have to go anywhere to play. You can play from the comfort of your own home without having to worry about unnecessary travel costs and plans. This takes away any annoying planning and helps you focus entirely on your game.

How Much Has The Popularity Of Mobile Gaming Risen?

Back in 2016, the mobile gaming industry was worth a massive $46 billion. But it’s now predicted that by the end of 2022, it’ll be worth an even bigger $196 billion. This is an incredible amount of growth that you just don’t see in other sectors. This shows that the mobile gaming industry shows no signs of slowing down and its popularity isn’t wavering.

This Newzoo report also reported that mobile gaming accounts make up a massive 42% of the global games market. This includes gaming consoles as well which goes to show just how popular mobile gaming is.

The reason for this increase is likely to be the ease of access that people have to mobile games. Having them right there in your pocket means that it’s easier than ever to play. The internet has made our lives a lot easier in so many ways and the online gaming industry has taken advantage of this.

Why Is Mobile Gaming More Popular Than Console Gaming?

Gaming consoles have been a huge part of our lives for even longer than mobile gaming. So, why have they been overtaken in terms of popularity by mobile gaming? The ease of access is a winner in this sector as well.

Although there are many benefits to playing games on a console, being able to play anywhere you have internet access is always going to top those. Gaming consoles might have better graphics (depending on what you’re playing on) but being able to game wherever you are is going to take precedent.

Traditional gamers are still going to opt for console gaming when they’re at home or where there is a console available. But, if you’re out and about, mobile gaming is always going to be the winner.

You can still play traditional console games on your mobile as well, but it can tend to be a bit slower and can drain the battery on your mobile device quickly. There also is bound to be a bit of a downgrade in terms of graphics so this is where console gaming is preferable.

Mobile gaming is incredibly popular and shows no signs of slowing down. So, if you’re looking for a place to play your slot games, your mobile device might be the best place to start.