Nais, HR Technology That Empowers Team Performance


Nais, is the new HR platform that revolutionises team performance by merging smart appreciation with analytics.  The platform empowers managers to tackle their most challenging task: maintain and improve employee engagement and motivation.

The past year has demanded the incorporation of digital tools for business management and communication. However… what about technology that supports workplace morale, company culture, and engagement? Studies have proven that an engaged workforce brings higher profits, lower employee rotation, and strong company cultures. Therefore, Nais is here to provide organisations with the tools they need to strive in modern-day work culture, agile dynamics, and diverse teams.

Nowadays, companies thrive by accepting and incorporating digital tools to facilitate workplace interactions and engagement. Additionally, Nais was created with innovative technology and designed by HR professionals to understand and improve employee engagement and team performance, in an all-in-one platform. As such, Nais provides a unique angle by reporting insights for leadership regarding employee appreciation, engagement, and company culture. The platform itself relies on the philosophy of empowering supportive leadership and engaged team collaboration.

HR technology is a resourceful tool for managers to understand employee health, satisfaction, and motivation. By doing so, managers can use insights to strengthen workforce capital and empower managers to build strong connections with remote and delocalised teams. The reinforcement of employee value and using innovative motivational technology proves useful to tackle employee satisfaction and engagement rates. The result of empowered and engaged teams leads to an increase in productivity, creativity, and ultimately- profit.


The platform was created for leaders that care for their workplace culture and reinforce positive psychology as a motivator for team performance. The platform entered the UK market in April 2021, with support from the Global Entrepreneur programme, Microsoft and a finalist for the EIT Digital 2021 challenge, Europe’s flagship competition for Deep Tech scaleups.