All You Need To Know About Helpdesks

As modern innovative technologies and IT support services emerge, the level of customer service is gradually increasing. Companies are trying to meet customer requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. When users have a problem, they can send a request containing a description of the issue and a request for help in solving it.

Thanks to this user support service (Helpdesk, Service Desk) will be able to consider the incoming request and give its answer. To date, a striking example of such technology is Freshdesk vs Zendesk. To understand what you need, you need to look deeper into the characteristics of these platforms.

The Process of Contacting a Helpdesk

However, the process of sending to Helpdesk is not as simple as it seems.

It consists of several steps, including:

  • Filling out the form;
  • Sending a letter confirming the request (not always);
  • Assigning the request to a specific Service Desk specialist;
  • Analysing and resolving the issue;
  • Sending notification messages to users, etc.

Companies that have a large customer base, should use the system of requests necessary for prompt, organised and high-quality solution of consumer problems.

Requirements For a User Support System

There are many popular helpdesk systems to consider, but first you need to define the basic parameters that a good system must meet, including:

  • The ability to install on your own server
  • Activity of software developers and the community of its users – the software product must be updated and supported
  • Understandability and structure of the source code
  • Implementation of the system in PHP with open source code which allows for fine-tuning for a particular company
  • Web interface for working with user requests
  • Fixing, which employee replies to a request
  • User-friendly displaying of the correspondence history
  • Support of different departments, i.e. requests are automatically forwarded to the necessary department
  • Possibility to redirect a request to another department
  • Differentiation of access of service desk personnel to different departments
  • Presence of answer templates
  • Support of attached files in letters

Additional criteria for selecting a user support system may also include an audible alert when new requests appear, statistics and feedback.

Advantages of Helpdesk Solutions

If the service desk system includes helpdesk functionality and additional features, isn’t it better to implement a more functional solution right away?

Actually, helpdesk has its own advantages:

1. Cost – Such systems are relatively inexpensive for business

2. Fast implementation – Often all the processes are already configured by default

3. Simple and understandable interface – It doesn’t take a long time to master a new tool

Such advantages often outweigh the broad functionality of the service desks, which in practice may not be useful to the company. Let’s note when it is better for a business to implement a simple helpdesk system.

The more mature a business is, the more serious and conscious demands it places on the tools it uses in its work; in particular, on helpdesk solutions. And as they become more mature, the requirements for automation solutions become more industry-specific.