Nextsale, Aiming to Help Businesses Increase Site Conversions


Nextsale is an online growth platform that provides targeted on-site widgets to help eCommerce businesses owners increase site conversions. Their on site pop ups, notifications and top bars allow merchants to personalise offers and create exceptional shopping experiences that leads to decrease in cart abandonment and increase in sales.

From the beginning, the goal is to create value and help merchants who need an eCommerce tool which helps them grow. They understand that every business is different and has various needs. For this reason, the Nextsale team is always in touch with their customers, asking if they have any difficulty making sure that value is delivered.

Solutions include:

  • Creating social proof with sales, reviews, and counter notifications
  • Promoting special offers with pop ups and top bars
  • Collecting emails & phone numbers with sign up and subscriptions forms
  • Reducing abandonments with browser tab notifications and different triggers like exit-intent, scroll, JS, etc.

Nextsale is a team of 7 individuals with different backgrounds, but one shared interest: eCommerce. Their diverse set of skills enables them to offer the best service and product to our clients.



Nextsale is a team consisting of a product designer, developers, head of growth, digital marketing specialist, and content manager. They all are passionate and on a mission to help businesses grow faster and create a world-class tool that will democratise the way online businesses operate.

Ever since they launched the company, they have been working non-stop to fulfill their values. Their goal is to support online sellers with delivering new features. Currently, they update their production servers several times a day.

At present, more than 4,000 businesses across 87 countries use Nextsale’s services. Servers receive millions of requests every day and process hundreds of GBs of data every month. Building a scalable software architecture to respond to the increasing customer demands and deliver new features with zero second downtime is our success.

Available on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, B2C eCommerce platforms, and can be used by custom stores.