How Online Casinos Are Adapting with Technology in 2018

Since the first online casinos opened in 1994, the technological world has advanced leaps and bounds. We’re entering the era of at-home virtual reality, self-driving vehicles – cars, buses and motorbikes, and not just smartphones but smart homes. So it’s no wonder that 2018 is bringing us an increase in high-tech features and technologies to the most popular online casinos. Dream Jackpot is one of the best around.

Becoming Mobile

Whereas once upon a time a punter could only access their favourite games in a casino and then, not so long ago, they could access popular games from the comfort of their home computer, online casinos are finally taking one more leap for their customers and going mobile. Now gamers can access a wide variety of high-quality games (top slots, classic card games, and sports betting etc.) through the convenience of their cell phones. And betting apps are easily to download on both iPhone and Android systems, plus there are hundreds, if not thousands, of great games to choose from.


By linking the video gaming world with the gambling one, online casinos have really fine-tuned their visions and goals to be about the customers. The high quality of graphics and software brings a new level of enjoyment to the games and brings punters coming back for more than just the winnings. We are also seeing an increase of skill-based games as younger generations are wanting to rely more on their luck to win, meaning gamers have more of a chance to grow their skills and their winnings. Also, in recent months we have seen the introduction of cryptocurrencies around the world, including in Iran and even Venezuela (check out this interesting source about a crypto casino in Venezuela).

Virtual Reality

The virtual world is becoming more and more tangible to the general public. With numerous apps and a range of affordable headsets to buy for many top market phones (iPhone is actually lagging in this sector currently) nearly anyone can jump into the world of VR gaming. With the ability to bring the sound and lights of slots – and other games – to life, this is an exciting new segment to online gaming. There is a growing handful of VR casinos already available, so we know it won’t take long for this sector of the market to start booming.

Cryptocurrency Casinos – With all the hype on cryptocurrencies in 2018, it’s no surprise to see that the casino market has started creating eCurrency casinos. Fans of online gambling who are curious about cryptocurrencies can get up-to-speed and try their luck by visiting newly popular sites like Bitcoin or Ethereum-based casinos.


Safety & Security

Updated technology means updated security measurements, so new and frequent gamers alike will feel secure as they’re gaming through 2018. More than ever is there a focus on fair gaming and cybersafety for site members, so we can anticipate less problems with money transfers and more winning – a win-win situation, if you must!
The bottom line is that technology in 2018 is fresh and exciting and it’s great to see the online casino industry keeping up with the times. With VR, cryptocurrencies and mobile gaming on the rise, there’s a lot to look forward to in the world of online casinos.