Transforming Online Donations: Payrexx


Since its market entry in 2015 Payrexx ( has established itself as one of the most innovative payment platforms by merging e-payment and e-commerce industries into one solution. During the past 3 years Payrexx team has been working hard in order to identify its perfect users and identified several industries that Payrexx platform suits well for. Payrexx now wants to introduce its solution on the UK market and empower local non-profit organisations (NPOs) to raise more funds by accepting online donations. Techround recently interviewed its founder and CEO, Ivan Schmid, who has developed the Payrexx concept and also has led the company from its foundation until today.

What vision and mission does Payrexx have?

The vision of Payrexx is to allow anyone regardless of knowledge and capital to accept online payments, sell physical goods, services and accept donations. With Payrexx, freelancers and sme’s can accept their first online payment within 5 minutes and without any IT background, by using our user-friendly tools such One Page Shop, Virtual POS and Business Paylink.
I have been carrying the idea of creating Payrexx for a while since I have been previously running a web design & development company and noticed that regular payment providers struggled to onboard customers quickly and provide with them with a simple solution. Also, Payrexx developed we have noticed that non-profit organisations find our solution the most convenient which has motivated to introduce our solution on the UK market.

It seems that Payrexx is both an e-commerce and an e-payment solution. How does it work?

There are solutions on the market like Shopify and Wix that allow to build and design the content and payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe that provide technical infrastructure to accept payments. Payrexx users get all-in-one. On one hand we have got innovative tools to accept payments that can be set up in a few minutes and similar way as Content Management Systems (CMS).
On the other hand, we have got integrated payment providers that a user can activate in a few seconds. Anyone can place an account with us and play around with the software by testing the tools and payment providers. Once users are convinced that our solution is the right one for them, they can immediately start transacting with Payrexx Payments having Stripe in the background as their acquirer or apply for a contract with another payment provider directly from their Payrexx account, receive an approval after a couple of days and start accepting payments.
On top on that we have got we enable NPOs to design & customize donation forms by drag & drop which they can afterwards send to their potential and current by email, SMS, share on social media or simply link to their website.

What makes Payrexx unique?

A lot! Payrexx does not only merge ecommerce and e-payment but is also the world’s first meta payment provider allowing to connect & combine several payment providers within a single payment gateway. This enables our merchants to achieve global reach by offering local and global payment methods within a single checkout.
Last but not least, is the superior customer support. Payrexx employees are experts with years of experience in both industries. They can answer every question related to online payments becoming a complete advisor for every customer.

Which industries does Payrexx suit best?

We do serve multiple industries and are able to provide any business with a complete online payment solution. However, as mentioned earlier our platform suits especially well non-profit organisations that need a simple way to accept payments. If they choose Payrexx, they do not need to hire a developer or have any IT background themselves. Our user account is built in a simple and intuitive way and even if they have a problem our team will always respond to their request immediately. Costs are important as well. I can guarantee that Payrexx belongs to the most cost-effective solutions on the market in order to accept online payments.

What is your strategy in 2018?

Our primary strategy is to onboard more customers on the UK market. Payrexx has everything required in order to achieve that goal. We have signed an integration agreement with Worldpay which currently the leading payment processor on the UK market by processing more than 42% of all online payments on the UK market. Our team has also conducted an internal analysis of the non-profit organisation and realized that more 70% among the largest non-profit organisations in UK are not accepting donations by such important payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard. We are keen to change this and enable every NPO to accept online payments.

About Payrexx

Payrexx AG is headquartered in Thun and was founded by Ivan Schmid. During a short timeframe the startup has managed to acquire already 7000 customers. Payrexx is the first provider of the e-business cloud solution, offering payments from 1 touch point. Using Payrexx, anyone can start selling immediately through all online channels. 4 innovative tools from Payrexx called Business
Paylink, One Page Shop, Virtual POS cover needs of every customer. Companies, institutions, public organisations and privates can immediately start accepting credit card payments. Apart from end customer solutions Payrexx also provides complete white label solutions for financial institutions. Payrexx already partners with PostFinance, SIX, UBS, Stripe, ConCardis and many others.