OnSkil, The Recruitment Agency Inspired By Tinder

We use technology every day. From our shopping to our social lives, it’s embedded in our lifestyles. But it hasn’t quite stepped up to the mark when it comes to hunting for a job.

Job boards are a minefield to filter through. Recruitment agencies are focused on time and money rather than getting candidates the right contract. It’s difficult to cut through to the hiring manager. And applicants enter a field sometimes of thousands, all hustling for the next job.

What if there was another way?

The founders of OnSkil, an AI platform with a people first focus were inspired by the matching process on dating apps such as Tinder, and thought they could do the same when it comes to helping IT contractors get the right role for them.

The platform matches candidates based on skills and experience, ensuring a good fit from the get go. By removing demographic details and creating anonymous CVs it ensures that there is no unconscious bias feeding into the process, creating a level playing field. And like Tinder, contact details are only shared once both candidate and company have expressed an interest, so you know you’re both ready to have a conversation.

OnSKil was founded by two people with decades in recruitment who understand both sides of the game. They are revolutionising the IT contract market, helping candidates and clients find their perfect job match, remove hiring bias for good. By anonymising CVs and matching only on skills, bias is diminished making for a fairer landscape.

It removes the need for agents, and their associated cost, as a faster, cheaper IT contracting ecosystem. By cutting out the middle person, contractors can go straight to the people they want to build a relationship with – the hiring manager for their next role.

It’s efficient and finds the right person for the right job fast – in fact OnSkil’s Virtual Internal Consultant (VIC) never sleeps, using semantic searches and cutting edge document fingerprinting to find the best candidates.

Nick Brand of OnSkil says “We’ve worked in recruitment for twenty years and have seen both sides of the table. We know what works for candidates and for clients, and developed OnSkil’s technology to streamline the process so that candidates get the job that’s right for them, and clients recruit the best talent for the role. AI alone is not enough, that is why OnSkil has harnessed HI (Human Interaction) into our process – a factor that can’ t be ignored when dealing with people. It’s about blending tech with the personal touch.”

Jane Brand says “Finding a contract or freelance role can be challenging, and with so many IT contractors out there seeking jobs in top companies, it’s not always easy to find the right job. But AI and technology can help. We use it in every part of our lives, from shopping to travel.  In fact, we were inspired by the matching processes used by dating platforms and apps, and knew it could work well for IT recruitment. “

Find your next IT job, directly with the client in record time with a quick, easy-to-use platform that recognises value and matches opportunities based on skills. Get started with OnSkil today.