Opinion: Is Digital Media Killing TV Advertising?

When we think about digital media, we are mainly considering social media platforms, websites and streaming services. TV advertising tends to feel very different, perhaps because it has been around for so long. But don’t mistake it for an outdated service. Adverts on the television hold more potential than you may realize, and are certainly not being killed by digital media. You need to start thinking about how you can use TV advertising to bring out the best from your brand. It’s a great way to draw in more customers. 


TV advertising: Is it dead?

TV has been around for a very long time. Many people may see it as an old medium for advertising during commercial segments. But honestly, it is not something to just be ignored. Using TV advertising is the perfect way to establish your brand’s image, especially if you are a start-up company. To display an advert on a TV channel like Sky, ITV or Channel 4 requires your company and advertisement to be screened extensively. TV is known as a trusted medium, therefore it’s more likely that people will believe what your brand has to offer. Digital media may not be judged as positively as television commercials are, because the online world is full of spam and scams. That’s why it’s impossible that digital media will be able to “kill” TV advertising. 


Technology & TV

Nowadays, TV is a lot more than just clicking a button and seeing what is available to watch. You may think that only the internet is the place where advertisers can freely place their adverts on any type of streaming system. But honestly, that is what makes them a problem. Spammy adverts can lead to people clicking off them immediately. However, for TV, addressable advertising from companies like Finecast can ensure that advertisements are personalized towards the viewer. That means that it’s more likely that a viewer will purchase something that they like the look of. Marketing experts can use data that is provided by the client to tailor these advertisements towards an audience.



Creative brands

In the online world, advertisements just tend to up pop up randomly before programmes. Although some may not be skippable, audience members tend to want to ignore them rather than focus on them. TV advertisements tend to be a little more creative than ones found online. Many advertisers like to use advertisements that suit the programme they are combined with. For instance, if the programme is a police-related drama, the creative team may try and make the advert have an investigation theme. This will make it more memorable and likely that customers will buy the product. So, be creative with your advertisements to make them stand out. 


Combining digital media and TV advertising 

Honestly, if we were to give you any advice, it would be to use both online and TV advertisements for your products. Both have their flaws, but with both mediums you will be able to put your brand in view of a loyal audience.