New Technology To Ease Pressure On Charities

Charities face immense silent pressure in providing quality mental health support for the vulnerable people they care about.
Those charities that focus on providing support to vulnerable groups face two key challenges: delivering effective mental health support and providing effectiveness for raising funds.

The baseline of these issues is that there is no matching to therapists, meaning near to no therapeutic fit with many patients. This leads to poorer mental health outcomes for the vulnerable person and causes therapists to use more sessions, costing the funders more money. If charities cannot prove impact, future funders may be skeptical of the positive outcomes the charity sets out to deliver.

78% of charities believe demonstrating the impact of service delivery on funders is an important strategic priority. This only proves it should be praised and used more by these charities.




The outcome of using the correct technologies to match therapists to vulnerable individuals shows improved positive mental health to vulnerable groups charities represent and increased funding potential due to trusty outcomes backed by statistics.

Paranimo’s funded pilot study showed 93% of people found the right therapist, with an average reduction of 58% anxiety, 51% irritability, 40% depression and 30% for sleep disturbances after therapy.

Matthew Vamplew of Paranimo, expresses the importance of modern technology for charities.

“Where charities are typically time poor, not technology focused, and need to prove the measurable impact of their services, the availability of Paranimo’s mental health delivery platform will help such organisations with customer registration, schedule management, payment processing, and video and telephone therapy. This is in addition to easing the challenges associated with finding the right therapist for vulnerable individuals.

Existing charity adopters of the Paranimo platform include Care Support Wiltshire and Carers Together, who use Paranimo to support the operational delivery of mental health services. In the next 12 months, Paranimo aims to support hundreds of UK charities to better deliver mental health support for the people they care about.”

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