Plyable Harness The Latest In AI And Computer Vision To Deliver Innovation

Plyable harness the latest in AI and computer vision to deliver innovation in the manufacturing space, reducing costs and delivering tooling more quickly.

A recent case study with GKN, a Tier One supplier in Aerospace showed that Plyable were 20% cheaper and 44% faster than their incumbent supplier for composite tooling.

By harnessing the very latest in AI and machine learning technology, Plyable have created a proprietary software that automates the design and manufacture of composite tooling. By simply uploading component CAD data into the Plyable app, businesses can take advantage of a pre-qualified, distributed manufacturing network and enjoy superior results as well as significant time and cost savings.



The composites market is an area that has enjoyed significant technological innovation over the last decade, however the tooling for composite components has not enjoyed the same rate of development and has been left in its wake.

Plyable seek to change this and are actively delivering innovation to encourage the proliferation of composites in manufacturing industry.

Whilst working on an autonomous flying vehicle project with Vertical Aerospace, their Head of programmes, Steve Baxter said;

“Plyable’s online automated tool design technology saved weeks of engineering time and their capacity to manufacture simultaneously was remarkable. It really wouldn’t have been possible with the traditional manufacturing channels we’ve worked with before. I was impressed by the pace enabling us to get to first flight quickly.”

“Accelerating manufacturing and helping innovative companies bring their ideas to life is what Plyable is all about. The application of technology in this space can radically impact the outcome of a new concept and the opportunities AI, machine learning and computer vision for the sector are unlimited” said Martin Oughton, Plyable CEO.