Pollie Builds Programatic Telehealth Solution


30% of the female population has a complex chronic condition like a hormone imbalance, autoimmune condition, or digestive disorder. And yet the patient experience is abysmal: from diagnosis through proper management of complex conditions, women experience fragmentation, conflicting information, and dismissal from doctors when they seek help for symptoms.

Until now: enter Pollie!

Pollie is building a programmatic telehealth solution for complex chronic conditions for females. Pollie’s co-founders Jane Sagui and Sabrina Mason started Pollie in 2020. Friends from college, they are combining their experience from careers in health tech (Jane as a previous consultant and VC investor, Sabrina as a previous operator) to redefine the patient experience for these conditions, starting with one common hormone imbalance called PCOS.

Since launching its 8 week text-based pilot, Pollie has seen exciting early outcomes metrics. 75% of members felt better after one month of Pollie’s program, a nearly 4x improvement from the status quo, and 83% of members felt better after completing the two month pilot.

Right now, Pollie’s PCOS Program includes lifestyle-based treatments and includes four main elements:

– Specialized care team: All members are given a functional nutritionist, health coach, and care coordinator to help support their PCOS management. All of Pollie’s specialists have extensive experience working with PCOS patients.

– Functional labs: While labs are optional, members can opt into Pollie’s bloodwork options if they want. These labs help identify specific symptom triggers and allow Pollie’s team to provide more personalized treatment plans. Members are also given the option to bring in labs drawn by their physician if they prefer.

– Personalized PCOS Plan: Based on their lab biomarkers, goals, and life stage, Pollie’s team provides a unique PCOS Plan for each member to serve as a roadmap for the program. These plans are inclusive of nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and supplement recommendations for now, and in the near future Pollie will be expanding into prescribing medication.

– Curated education materials: All members receive frequent educational videos and articles based on their specific case of PCOS and goals.

Pollie is currently accepting new pilot members. If you live in the US, are at least 18 years of age, and have a PCOS diagnosis, you can sign up at www.pollie.co/product-pcos-program. If you would like to learn more, you can email their team at [email protected] or visit their Instagram (@pollie.co) or website (www.pollie.co).