Popular Cryptocurrencies for Online Gaming


In the world of online gambling, fairness is always at the forefront. As a player, you’re putting a ton of trust into the site that you decide to play on. You’re trusting them in so many ways, such as…

  • That they’ll keep your deposits safe,
  • That their games are programmed in a fair way,
  • That you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings without a huge hassle,
  • That they’ll protect your personal information, your payment info, and so on…
  • And a lot more.

But that trust works both ways. The casinos themselves also are in a position to trust that the players are signing up with the correct info, that they aren’t using stolen credit cards, or anything like that. Using cryptocurrencies is one way that players and casinos have addressed some of these concerns, find out which casinos accept cryptocurrencies, it’s a rapidly growing list!
It’s easy for the casinos to protect themselves from dishonest players, and a lot harder for players to protect themselves from dishonest casinos. That’s why its important to make sure that you’re always dealing with a reputable online casino when you’re using cash.

It’s Also Why People Are Turning to Crypto

There are crypto gambling sites that accept deposits in different cryptocurrencies and then they convert it to USD (or whatever the local currency is for their site), and there are other options where you can actually gamble using the cryptocurrencies in specially made games.

The Advantages of Using The Blockchain for Gaming

This is where we get back on the topic of trust. There are online casino games built around the blockchain, whether it’s BTC, ETH, or another coin, and that means there is a ledger of all of their games and the results stored. That means that everyone who plays the game is able to ensure that it has actually been paying out the amounts that it is supposed to, and it lets you verify that the games are fair.

Which Coins are the Most Popular?

When it comes to playing with crypto when gaming online, we’ve already mentioned some of the most popular coins, which are Bitcoin itself, which remains the most popular and mainstream of all the coins, thus far.
Ethereum is another popular choice, it’s widely adopted by many casinos and is favored due to speed, security, and transparency. It is widely used for poker online.
Some prefer Dash due to its privacy. Litecoin is fast, and another popular choice.
There are many smaller coins as well, and people are opening gaming sites to cater to them. It’s a good idea to stick to playing on highly-regarded sites, that you can verify on the blockchain, and that accept widely-used coins. There are tons of shady sites that come and go all the time, but sticking to reputable ones, reading reviews, and using common sense can go a long way.
Whether you’re using cash or crypto, it’s always important to gamble smart and never play with more than you can afford to lose.