Product Review: BenQ Screenbar


There are many products on the market in the UK which claim to help improve experiences with laptop and desktop computers. Many of these products are more gimmick than substance though. For years, it has been commonplace to see USB cooling fans and even hot drink warmers, all of which work alongside your laptop or desktop.

Whilst they may solve some issues faced by users, these gadgets skirt around what is arguable the most important issue for users of computer and desktop devices – comfort. One of the most uncomfortable parts of using a computer or laptop for a long time is the glare of the screen and our eyes’ inability to properly focus on the screen.

Not being able to focus on your screen properly for prolonged periods of time causes a great deal of fatigue in the eyes and may even lead to you needing to get glasses or stronger lenses. As the light around you differs from the screen, particularly during nigh time and the darker hours, it is harder to work on these devices.

BenQ however, have introduced an innovative and unique product to the market which works to make experiences on desktops and laptops far more comfortable – the BenQ Screenbar.

We used the Screenbar for a period of 4 weeks in different lights and at different times of day. It was used on a desktop with a 17-inch screen. The Screenbar we used was the Regular Screenbar which sells on Amazon UK for £89.00, which for this product is outstanding value for money. Summed up, it is a pleasure to use and it does exactly what it says it does.

Design and Product Build

This sleek, easily fitted, screen top mounted light bar should be a prerequisite for anyone spending extended time in front of a monitor.

The device is made from high quality plastic casing and its design is such that the thin lightbar and tidy cables go almost unnoticed most of the time. The device comes nicely packaged and inside you will find:

  • The screenbar lamp
  • Mounting clip
  • USB power cable

Set up is easy as can be; it took us around 90 seconds from unboxing to turning on and using the device for the first time.



Using the Screenbar

The Screenbar attached to the monitor in use using a clever little counter-weight which means that the device securely clips onto the screen and is then maintained in its position very securely. Unlike many other attachments for computers and laptop devices, the cable of the BenQ Screenbar goes almost entirely unnoticed which in turn means you never get anything tangled in it and it remains out of sight, maintaining a very tidy appearance overall.


Not only is it an ergonomic and stylish accessory, but it really functions to regulate screen lighting and reflective glare and certainly reduces eye strain when working for extended periods of time in front of a computer.

Its design means that it is unobtrusive, and its long USB cable means that it can be powered without any difficulties. Functionality is enhanced with an auto dimming facility which has manual overrides, so you can adjust the lighting to your optimal setting, which amazingly, is actually unnecessary for most of the time as it gets lighting and brightness absolutely right most of the time.

Our Verdict

Whether it is used in day light or at night the BenQ Screenbar auto-adjusts to ensure optimal lighting conditions and image clarity for the user. Part of what makes this product so useful is that by reducing what is usually quite a lot of strain from your eyes, we actually found ourselves being far more productive, not needing to take breaks from the screen quite as frequently. For a business, this is huge news as it means you can spend more time working and less time rubbing your eyes and recovering; 1 hour of computer use with the Screenbar feels like 30 in normal light.

This is a product that we never thought we might need and it is something you simply will not know you have been missing until you try it. the difference it makes to your experiences on a computer or laptop and the amount of strain on your eyes it reduces, even eliminates is outstanding. This device is highly recommended and we give it a solid 4/5 stars.

The BenQ Screenbar is available on Amazon, retailing in the UK for £89.00 – Buy it here