A Cull On WhatsApp Work Chats: Puresport Founder Implements New Rules To Boost Productivity & Reduce Anxiety


Anxiety is rife in the modern world, and the constant barrage of emails, social media alerts, and messages only adds to the excessive information overload that our minds are subjected to every day. In response to this, the founder of one of the country’s fastest growing start-ups is fighting against this overload, to help himself and his team, enjoy a more productive and peaceful work life.

After taking a two week break from social media, Puresport founder Grayson Hart realised the impact that excessive screen time and high levels of notifications were having on his work efficiency, focus and mental health.
In a bid to help counteract this for his team, Hart has implemented two half hour ‘discussion points’; one in the morning and one at the end of the working day. These are set time periods in which team members can book in time with each other and raise any points that need to be addressed and resolved.



Hart explains “I was noticing that work WhatsApp groups were pinging day in day out, even at weekends, meaning my team were constantly dealing with distractions. Many of the points being raised in these groups could take an endless chain of messages until they were resolved, or until a solution was found.

Our minds just aren’t designed to be dealing with so much in one go. How is anyone supposed to focus on one task if they’re always dealing with distractions?”

The discussion ‘times’ are just one attempt at reducing screen distractions. Grayson is also encouraging staff to avoid work related messages over the weekend and in the evenings.

“Anything concerning work that needs discussing can be raised in the morning. Nothing is that urgent and we all need to have down time so we can be ready and focused the next day.”

Puresport’s brand message is to promote all aspects of living an active and healthy lifestyle. The new workplace digital wellness practices are the cherry on top of their 360-degree wellness approach, alongside the active communities created through Puresport Clubs and their leading natural wellness products.

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