Ringless Voicemail Technology Explained

One practical step to boosting sales is to create personal connections with leads. However, it’s costly to reach every one of them personally. An example of this is through phone calls. One reason why phone calls can become expensive is that it can lead to unideal charges.

But besides being costly, making phone calls also requires considerable time. More so, there’s also a chance that individuals on the other end of the line will reject a high volume of calls. This can lead to burnout for a business’s sales team. 

Ringless Voicemail Technology As A Business Solution 

To address the issues said earlier, you must find another solution. One way to reach your prospects more effectively and save time and money is to use ringless voicemail technology. This technology, offered by reputable companies like Drop Cowboy, can improve your outbound marketing procedures by sending pre-recorded messages straight to your recipient’s voicemail. 

As the call will go directly to the voicemail, the process of dialling becomes easier. This can save you time compared to typical phone calls. Likewise, ringless voicemails can also help your sales team limit the number of calls they have to give. It’s because they can expect that recipients are interested in the business and can be a future customer once the recipient responds to the pre-recorded messages.

Additionally, you can send these voicemail messages without the phone ringing. As the phone will not ring through this technology, there will be no direct contact with the receiver. Ringless voicemail sidesteps the phone call function and leaves a missed call alert. There’s no ringing, dialling, or sending messages straight to a voicemail system. Instead, the pre-recorded messages are processed straight to the receiver’s voicemail server.

Benefits Of Ringless Voicemail Technology

There are many benefits to using ringless voicemail technologies. For one, your outreach procedure can be supported because of it. It can also improve your sales process. Lastly, your sales team can have more time nurturing qualified leads. Here are some other benefits:

Helps You To Send Pre-Recorded Messages At The Right Time 

Every time your call comes straight to the voicemail inbox, you can avoid the pitfall of sending them at the wrong time. Thus, your call won’t become a distraction, especially if the recipient is doing or facing something serious. This can give them time to adjust before they take notice of your voicemail messages.

Makes Your Sales Agents More Productive 

Sales agents’ productivity is a serious discussion in developing a business. For one, sales agents are crucial players in your industry and are vital for generating leads. And so, to make your sales agents more productive, you can use ringless voicemail technology. This technology can help your agents retarget customers and produce more sales than typical marketing strategies.

Allows You To Reach A Large Pool Of Audiences

Ringless voicemail enables you to target a large pool of potential customers quickly. The reason is that it’s an automated and fast system, and you can send multiple marketing messages at once. Ultimately, this allows you to connect with prospects faster than competitors.

Enables You To Send Quality Marketing Messages 

It’s helpful for your business to conduct live marketing techniques. Yet, it won’t be ideal if your representative commits mistakes in the presentation. This can badly affect your brand’s reputation. 

Luckily, ringless voicemails enable you to send quality messages to various recipients. It’s because you can determine and correct errors before sending them out. This can help your marketing campaign to remain effective.

Enables You To Conduct Follow-Ups And Retain Customers 

Retaining customers is an issue for businesses from every industry. Every business wants loyal customers who keep returning to buy products or use their services. Customer loyalty is crucial to outperform other competitors and earning more revenue. 

This is how ringless voicemail technology can help you. You can use this technology to send pre-recorded messages that offer discounts and promotions for your loyal clients. Doing this can help in maintaining the connection with such audiences. It can also allow you to keep them updated on your products and services. Lastly, winning back long-lost customers also becomes possible. 

Ultimately, you can check out various companies to find the most suitable ringless voicemail for your marketing campaign. 

Cost Of Ringless Voicemail Technology

Ringless voicemails can vary in cost. Different factors can affect prices, such as the type of service and provider. Generally, the rates can come at around one or two cents to twenty cents for each message. Likewise, if you want to save money by using ringless voicemail, it’s ideal to purchase bulk. You can also try to find a provider that will only charge if the ringless voicemails are successful.

Is Ringless Voicemail Legal?

It’s legal to use ringless voicemail in various locations. Yet, there are disputes regarding its use, similar to any high-volume sales outreach. Thus, you must stick to the local and federal laws surrounding ringless voicemail to avoid further issues. You must also consider time zone restrictions and do-not-call lists.

Suppose you’re using it to market products and services worldwide. In that case, company representatives must guide you on adhering to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), state and federal laws, and other local regulations in other nations.

Tips For A Successful Ringless Voicemail Marketing Campaign

As you learned the business benefits of ringless voicemail earlier, it’s time to know the steps for using it as part of your marketing campaign. You can read the following to learn more about those steps:

Use An Automated Dialler

A great amount of time and effort goes into calling multiple prospects and customers if you’re running a traditional over-the-phone marketing campaign. This is when ringless voicemail technology can help you through an automated dialler.

An automated dialler is a tool or computer application that dials phone contacts automatically. Using this tool, you can simultaneously call or deliver marketing messages to your target audience. This can save time, allowing your business to conduct other, more important marketing tasks.

There are various types of auto-diallers. Yet, the most used are power diallers. This software automatically dials contacts quickly every time you finish the current call. Thus, you’ll be able to connect with as many people as possible in a single day and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Keep A Short Voicemail Message

Many consider it hard to concentrate on anything connected to sales and marketing. They have a short attention span when it comes to these things and is likely to get bored. Thus, you must keep your voicemail messages concise but engaging.

To generate short ringless voicemails, you must develop one that’s around 20 and 30 seconds long. This helps your messages to remain noticeable. It can lead to people getting interested and attentive to your business without you wasting their valuable time. 

However, note that a voicemail longer than 30 seconds will most likely get deleted. In some instances, recipients are also likely to delete pre-recorded voicemails shorter than 20 seconds.

Create The Best Call-To-Action

You must help your target audience to do something after listening to your voicemails. One way to achieve this is to use call-to-actions (CTAs). Adding CTAs to your voicemails increases the likelihood of turning prospects into buyers. 

If you want to create the best CTAs that convince, it’s helpful to follow the tips below:

  • Be Creative: CTAs are now common to a lot of consumers. For this reason, you must become creative with your proposals to get more responses. This is essential, mainly because you won’t be able to use visual media to encourage your target audience to take action. In the end, you can split-test your CTAs to know which is more effective
  • Kindle Emotions: Evoking your customers’ emotions must be one of the main goals of your CTAs. For instance, if your business sells cameras, you can encourage prospects to buy your product to capture the best memories
  • Offer A Persuasive Reason: You must provide the benefit once the recipient follows your CTA. For example, you can state that they can get a promo once they buy your product
  • Use Strong Verbs: You must use commanding action words every time you create a CTA for your voicemail. This can lead your customers to follow your desired action
  • Put Time Pressure: You can use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to push your voicemail recipients to follow your CTAs. For instance, you can state that they can buy your product at a much lower price on or before a specific time and date

In the end, generating the best CTAs ensures that your voicemails will produce ideal outcomes. This can help in maintaining conversions and revenue.

Conduct Split Testing For Your Campaign

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is a method of testing two different marketing campaign versions to determine which is more effective in achieving a desired outcome. The desired outcome can be about generating more leads, increasing website traffic, or improving conversion rates.

For instance, you can send a 20-second message to the initial group and then deliver a 10-second voicemail to another group. For the second pre-recorded message, ensure that it concentrates on the information you haven’t stated in the first one. 

To add, here are some pointers for split testing ringless voicemails:

  • Target large samples for better results
  • Test one variable at a time
  • Identify the purpose of the two variables
  • Create two distinct scripts for each variable
  • Monitor the test results as it runs

Ultimately, split testing can be an effective way to refine and improve a marketing campaign, by allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions based on the preferences and behaviours of their target audience.

Follow Up And Convert Previous Prospects

There’s a big chance you’ll accumulate old leads that will go colder as time passes. While most individuals discard old leads, you can follow up on your previous prospects and increase the likelihood of converting them. This can be possible through ringless voicemails.

Ringless voicemails are ideal for follow-ups as you won’t have to spend more money and do things repeatedly. You can also gain new prospects. There’s a greater chance that the recipient of the ringless voicemail will listen more attentively than traditional voicemails.

Mention Your Callback Number In The Ringless Voicemail

One goal of a ringless voicemail campaign is to lead prospects into delving deeper into what your company is all about. Another objective is for them to purchase your services and products. Yet, prospects might consider knowing more details before buying. Thus, you should share your call back number in your pre-recorded messages.

You can maintain the connection between you and a potential customer by adding a callback number in your ringless voicemails. For instance, a callback number can help you engage customers who want to know more about your products’ prices.

You may also mention other contact details, such as your store location, social media profiles, website name, business email address, and many more. 

Metrics For Measuring The Success Of Your Ringless Voicemail Campaign

Once you lay out your goals for the ringless voicemail marketing campaign, you can use the following metrics to measure how effective the campaign is. 

  • Response Rate: What percentage of people responded to your marketing messages through ringless voicemail compared to other channels?
  • Complaint Rate: How many people complained about your ringless voicemail messages compared to other channels?
  • Deliverability: What’s the percentage of people who received the pre-recorded messages versus other channels?
  • Quality Of Response: How many people have conducted the desired action compared to other channels?
  • Overall Return-On-Investment: When measuring the number of costs to outcomes, how effective is your ringless voicemail campaign versus other marketing activities?

By using these metrics for evaluating your ringless marketing campaign, it’s simpler to measure which campaign performs best. Based on your business’s industry, you might notice that delivering messages straight to voicemail may be more effective in one type of campaign. Ultimately, try to experiment and conduct optimization to identify the most suitable type of ringless voicemail procedure.

Wrapping Up

You can use ringless voicemail technology to market your products and services. The main reason you should use ringless voicemails is that it allows you to send high-quality pre-recorded messages to various recipients simultaneously.

On top of that, ringless voicemail technology is not just a way to communicate with potential customers. It can also help to increase sales, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs.