Popular Spiritual App Saged Rolls Out Rebrand and Major Redesign


Saged Creates Spiritual Technology to Make Spirituality Accessible

On August 25, 2021, Saged App, Smudge Tech, inc , is announcing a major rebrand, redesign, and functionality update for all current and prospective users. The popular spiritual development smartphone app is taking a big leap in this evolution to deliver bite-sized daily rituals, monthly moon gatherings, weekly live classes, workshops by renowned practitioners, digital guides, and full-length courses.

Saged is dedicated to illuminating the journey for all humans and has created a safe space for spiritual seekers to awaken to their
power through spiritual technology. This most recent version comes from the creative and technical brain of Swedish founder, Julia Munck.



In the three years that Saged has been in existence, the free application has grown to host over 40k users a month with 8-10 live classes monthly, available to Saged Premium members. The global growth of the app has initiated a technical and functional evolution that will allow users from every part of the world to easily access tools for daily spiritual development.

With more people than ever looking to expand their understanding of their purpose in life, Saged offers simple tools for mental, spiritual, and emotional health in just a few minutes a day. “‘Spiritual Quickies’ have been a practice of mine for almost a decade, so I created Saged as a way to stay accountable and connected, while bringing spiritual technology into the marketplace,” says Saged founder, Julia Munck.

Munck left a career in video game design to create what has become one of the leading spiritual apps available on the market. With her keen technical skills and sharp intuition, she knew the perfect recipe to build an app that would impact thousands. The new version of the app is available globally for iOS and Android users.