‘Scale or Fail’ Initiative Set to Advance Google’s Fast Growth Start-Ups


This London Tech Week (10-14 June) Wonderful Creative Agency is introducing its strategic Scale of Fail campaign to fast-growth start-ups at the Google Campus in London. The Scale or Fail initiative, developed by Wonderful, involves a number of events and webinars taking place over the next six months, which are tailored to support the scale-up objectives of start-ups.

The first of Wonderful’s Scale or Fail live events will take place at Google’s Campus in London on Wednesday 12 June during London Tech Week. Google’s resident and guest start-ups will have the chance to hear from Wonderful’s expert panel, including: VC investors – Triple Point – fast growth start-ups, IP lawyers and digital growth experts. Registration for the event in now open at www.londontechweek.com/event/scale-or-fail-strategic-brand-tech-and-marketing-for-scale-up-business-start-up-and-scale-up.

From today start-ups can also tune in for the first Scale or Fail webinar at www.bewonderful.co.uk/scale-or-fail. The webinars start with an introduction to Scale or Fail and what the market context is surrounding the topic. On 30 May, the team will interview leading investors to discover what they are looking for in scale-up start-ups. Tune in on 13 June to hear how Jonny Grubin, CEO of SoPost, successfully became one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.

Supporting fast-growth start-ups is Wonderful’s core focus. The company works with start-up businesses, SMEs and established organisations as a strategic partner. Through the fusion of insightful technology and creative strategy, Wonderful supports the objectives, vision and growth plans of its clients. Consequently, the marketing company has successfully amplified the growth of new and established brands on a national and international scale.

Scale of Fail is about arming fast-growth start-ups with the tools they need to develop and maintain their business through advice, insightful technology, creativity and digital marketing,” explains Dan Mandaub, Wonderful’s Managing Director.

Wonderful’s Scale or Fail initiative strives to educate start-ups about the possibilities of using intuitive design and technology to simplify their business processes and ultimately enhance their revenue.

“Few businesses understand how advanced technology combined with intuitive design can allow a business to gain greater control over their processes and develop a better understanding of consumer behaviours and business patterns,” explains Mandaub.

“During Scale or Fail sessions we will discuss design, tech, monitoring, reporting and digital marketing, as well as offering essential interviews with influential businesses and investors.”

The Scale or Fail webinars are available free of charge at www.bewonderful.co.uk/scale-or-fail.  Wonderful is also offering live Scale or Fail forums to networking groups and start-up support organisations. To find out more email [email protected].