SexTech Predictions for 2022


The past couple years have been an interesting time for the SexTech industry, with global sales for sex toys soaring amongst the first lockdown, whilst shifting attitudes towards sex and sexual health make the industry less taboo.

Following on from our SexTech Predictions last year, we’ve collected comments from industry experts, giving their perspectives on what the future holds for this innovative, evolving market…


Our Panel of Experts:

  • Angelina Aleksandrovich – Founder, CEO & Creative Director of RD Land
  • Jo Barnard – Founder of Morrama
  • Cindy Gallop – Founder & CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn
  • Sachin Raoul – Co-Founder of Sex Therapy App, Blueheart


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Angelina Aleksandrovich, Founder, CEO & Creative Director of RD Land




“2022 will be the year we determine what role sexuality plays in the metaverse and web 3. In general, I’m very excited about what 2022 is about to bring, because now, as never before, society is open to new ideas and democratisation of sensuality, sexuality and the entire concept of human embodiment.”

“As we saw this year, the rise of NFTs and creator-driven economies is bringing the ownership back to the creators allowing them user-friendly solutions to monetise their work.”

“In 2022 I see these trends consolidating into the mainstream and becoming available to all. Here I also see the emergence of alternative virtual marketplaces and platforms with more specific targets on sex tech, while others becoming more sex inclusive, or on a contrary sex-free at all, like recently announced Facebook’s Meta. For us at RD Land 2022 is going to be very exciting, as we are getting ready to roll out our NFT avatar project, the Beta version of the platform followed by version 1 full of features and experiences the world has yet to see.”

Jo Barnard, Founder of Morrama




“The “sex tech” category will continue to grow, with CES helping to build its credibility by recognising it as part of its repertoire. In line with this, we’ll see more and more brands in this arena start to align themselves with the wellbeing movement. Instead of creating ‘toys’, efforts will focus on creating products that can be easily integrated into mainstream life, becoming ubiquitous with other products around the home.”

“Alongside devices that do away with gender and sexuality barriers, we will see smarter products that respond seamlessly to stimuli (both present and virtual).”



Cindy Gallop, Founder & CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn 


Cindy Gallop by Kevin Abosch


“I predict that we will see more and larger rounds of funding raised for sextech this year than ever before. I’m setting out to raise a substantial round for MakeLoveNotPorn, and I’m very encouraged by the investor conversations I’m having.”

“I’ve spent the past 13 years parallel-pathing two things: working to build MakeLoveNotPorn, and working to change the cultural context around it – because when you have a truly worldchanging startup, you have to change the world to fit it, not the other way around. I’m seeing that work that I and many other female sextech founders have done, finally paying off – and I mean that literally.”


Sachin Raoul,Co-Founder of Sex Therapy App, Blueheart




Sachin Raoul is the founder of Blueheart, an app designed to tear down the accessibility barriers around sex and relationship therapy. Blueheart provides an online sex therapy plan led by renowned therapists to offer expert help, advice and guidance on how to overcome libido issues in relationships. Since its creation in 2020, the app has supported over 60,000 users to overcome their sexual dysfunction and enjoy sex again.

“The pandemic has forced us to rethink how we have sex. People who thought sex was only physical intercourse have had to redefine what sex means, as physical contact was outlawed and consequently virtual sex has taken a new prominent place within society. In 2022, a lot of platforms will pop-up to facilitate increasingly virtual sexual relationships as the social norms around what sex is have transformed.”

“There are few sextech companies that have gone to unicorn status, but that’s mainly because they only started entering existence in the last 5 years. As these companies begin to mature and raise increasingly large amounts of money, Blueheart included, there will be an explosion of entrepreneurs innovating in the space. Sexual wellness is seen as a hot area from the investor community and the more money being directed towards the space, the greater the rate of innovation.”

“Lastly, the pandemic also saw an increase in stress and burnout-related sexual dysfunction, with a recent study conducted by Blueheart revealing that 74% of people found stress impacting their sex life. Additionally, there is a high degree of comorbidity between mental health issues and your sex life. So a lot more people will be looking for discreet solutions to help with their relationships as these are put under strain following the unpredictable intensity and stress of the pandemic.”


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