Smart Respiratory Helps Patients Better Manage Their Asthma, and Predict Asthma Attacks

In 2014, the concept for the Smart Peak Flow meter began. Founder Thomas Anatlffy, noticed a huge inefficiency in the asthma care industry. Especially when it came to tracking peak flow data from asthmatic patients.

Doctors need peak flow data to prescribe new medication and advice for asthma patients. But, as much as 90% of patients do not actually record their peak flow on a regular basis. This leads to unnecessary time and money spent by both doctors and patients.


Current devices to track peak flow data are still analogue and done on paper. As, asthma is often overlooked when compared to other conditions. So after an initial proof of concept in 2017, the Smart Peak Flow meter was born, being 113% funded on Kickstarter.

The Smart Peak Flow meter is a win-win for doctors and patients, it truly is 21st century update. Doctors get their patients data and patients enjoy a more informed doctor. Patients even have the option to better self-manage their asthma. Saving time and cost all around.

Patients use the Smart Peak Flow meter, which records their peak flow through their smartphone. The data is then automatically recorded onto the Smart Asthma app. The app stores a digital diary of their peak flow, symptoms and inhaler usage. It also reminds them daily with challenges, winnable badges and customisable notifications.

Doctors are able to access this data either remotely by email or in-person.

After solving this, the offering of the start-up has evolved from Smart Peak Flow into Smart Respiratory.

Smart Respiratory is a med-tech start-up, which builds end-to-end asthma management tools. Things like the Smart Inhaler, which automatically records inhaler usage. And the Smart Asthma Console, a remote patient monitoring platform for doctors.

Even AI is being incorporated into the app. Users will soon be able to predict the likelihood of an asthma attack up to one day in advance.


So Smart Respiratory started out as a medical equipment company and is now more of a tech company. All thanks to solving that very first problem with the Smart Peak Flow meter.

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