Sober App’s New Interview Series Shows the Power of Recovery


Too often, those struggling with addiction often think they are alone, and no one can understand how they feel. Many times, when those individuals hear stories of how others overcame addiction and went on to live successful lives, it can be both inspiring and healing. To provide examples of the power of recovery, Loosid, a sober educational and social platform, expands its offerings with a new feature, “Recovery Voices.” Recovery Voices is an interview series with well-known individuals sharing their intimate stories of addiction and their inspiring journeys to recovery and sobriety. In addition to stories of addiction and recovery, Recovery Voices speaks with leading professionals and clinical experts in wellness and addiction treatment who offer insightful advice, recovery help, and information on available resources.

Available on the Loosid app, Recovery Voices features compelling interviews many notable individuals including Former Korn Guitarist and Founder of Rock to Recovery Wes Geer; Two-time Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Brandon Lee; Author of Sober Curious Ruby Warrington; A&E Network’s “Dope Man” Tim Ryan; Award-winning Author and Founder of The Luckiest Club Laura McKowen; Journalist and Comedian Amy Dresner, and Former NHL Player Brantt Myhres.



MJ Gottlieb, co-founder and CEO of Loosid App, hosts the series, providing a compassionate viewpoint and empathic ear. As notable guests reveal their personal stories of addiction and difficult journeys to sobriety, MJ provides comfort and support as well as a shared history as someone who also battled addiction and now celebrates more than nine years of sobriety. MJ’s sympathetic approach and unassuming questions support the courageous guests as they recount facing their addiction and how recovery put them back on their life’s path.

“Loosid is more than a social network for sober individuals,” said MJ Gottlieb. “Loosid is a learning and resource platform to help individuals understand addiction as well as a place where those in recovery have the resources and support they need to maintain sobriety. Our intention in adding Recovery Voices is to completely shatter the very damaging stigmas that exist about addiction that prevent millions of people from getting the addiction help they so desperately need. These stories show the immense power of sobriety through the incredible success stories from a diverse group of people who have overcome so much to regain control of their lives and thrive again.”

Recovery Voices will drop over 40 episodes in the upcoming weeks and is currently in production to provide Loosid members with content for years to come. Interviews include professional athletes, television stars, renowned authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, sober sexperts, addiction and recovery specialists, wellness experts, filmmakers, and many others.

New episodes of Recovery Voices drop weekly and are available exclusively on the Loosid App on the App Store and Google Play.