Social Tech Trust Backs Start-ups investing in Social Justice

Social Tech Trust (STT), is a UK based charity that funds social justice projects by tech Start-ups. STT has spent more than £30 million supporting over 750 businesses that care for and protect communities in the UK. One of the most successful projects backed by STT was a company building 3D printed bionic hands.

Current CEO Ed Evans believes that tech start-ups have a unique role to play when it comes to stewardship because “we can ask what we want tech to do for us” and we can create the technology that best serves our needs. Whilst historically STT has focused on new, small companies they are hoping to foster partnerships with larger more influential businesses such as Vodaphone and Microsoft.

STT primarily invests in three sectors: communities, health and wealth. Regarding communities, STT aims to unit people and break poverty cycles by increasing inclusivity and empowering leaders within the community. STT has worked with organisations such as Radius which build online platforms for individuals to report any problems in the neighbourhood.  In terms of health, STT has decided to focus their investments on preventative health. They’ve partnered with Feebriswhich analyses the risk of different populations contracting serious illnesses. Finally in regards to wealth STT are investigating ways to make themselves more environmentally friendly. They’re working with Piclo a business that matches local energy to local demand.

STT supports early-stage organisations as it is believed that they will make the biggest difference to society. However Evans stresses it is essential that all businesses in all sectors should support the mission of stewardship, if the UK wants to see a significant improvement and transformation in society. The mission of STT is clear, they spread a message of opportunity, innovation and generosity.