Soda! – The only place you want to be buying Tech!

Soda is a website which curates the best smart products on the market, carefully sourced and reviewed, so you know exactly who and what they are for, in a fun and playful way. 
Can you please tell me how Soda came into being? Was there a lightbulb moment or had a gap in the market been identified for a while?
There was a significant gap in the market for technology that spoke to women. Our founder, Grace Gould,  was previously at Apple Retail, then joined a tech VC fund, and then a hardware manufacturing company. By combining her experience, she started SODA, which curates and creates start tech products for women.
Is Soda a space for a younger market or cross age groups?
We cover a wide range of age groups, creating a space for everyone to find something that interests them or makes their day to day life easier in some way.
Can you please explain to me how you choose the products and how you evaluate them to ensure the optimum use and enjoyment for clients?
We choose our products by evaluating whether they make your life easier or more fun. They need to have purpose, for example Chipolo, the key and phone finder that has saved every member of the SODA team on many occasions. We sample and test all products, and only the best make it into our store.
What would you say makes Soda different from other online stores that sell technology products?
What differentiates us is our female-focused approach and irreverent tone of voice.
How do you think technology is going to blend with both our daily life moving forward and personal style?
We believe that there will be an abundance of tech on the market, but people will only adopt the most useful products to help them in everyday life. Technology is rapidly becoming more adaptable and personalised, and will only continue to allow people to reflect their personal style through the tech that they use.
If you were to choose your three best products which would they be and why?
1. We are really excited about our new hydroponics product called Véritable. The ideal way to have greens in your life for all of us flat-living Londoners.

2. Dodow is our dreamy sleep trainer that puts insomniacs to sleep. An essential.

3. The Light Phone is our call-only detox device. Designed to be used as little as possible. Our kind of tech.