Spiritune Launches New App, Connecting Users With Inventive Therapeutic Music Solution

Spiritune, Inc., a music-based app that utilizes principles of music therapy and neuroscience to improve wellbeing, announced the launch of its music app on the Apple App Store. Users have access to new music therapy that is backed by neuroscience that aids with stress reduction, emotional regulation, performance, productivity and overall increase in well-being. Through the combination of human-composed and AI-optimized music, Spiritune provides listeners with a reliable and science-backed music experience to feel and perform better at work and home.

Spiritune’s emotionally targeted listening programs (such as Work Flow and Winding Down) are customized to users’ emotional state. By helping to mask undesirable noise and introducing scientifically-informed music, the app is able to optimize users’ environments and improve life in support of brain health and emotional well-being.

Spiritune reimagines music to address deeper human needs based on a personalized user profile that measures goals, emotions and health. Since its launch, Spiritune has helped 90% of its users reach their desired emotional goals at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional stress management methods, like therapy, fitness memberships, medication, etc. Employers are also utilizing the program to aid with chronic work-related stress and anxiety, as work-related therapy programs climb in popularity to respond to record high mental health issues.

“We all know music can have a dramatic effect on our moods and feelings, but channeling that in an organized and therapeutic way has been difficult to codify until now.” says Jamie Pabst, Founder of Spiritune. “As people continue to seek balance and put their personal well being first, we think music will play a central role in this process for many who have found comfort in sound their whole lives. We are excited to cross this important milestone that brings the power of Spiritune to employers and individuals alike.”

Spiritune has a 7-day free trial period for the app, followed by multiple subscription options including: $9.99 per month (month-to-month), $6.99 per month (annual) and $299 (lifetime access). Get ready for new features on the app later this month, including a Waking Up category, which will round out Spiritune’s listening categories for music for nearly all times of a listener’s day, making the holistic listening experience for all 24 hours of your day/night. For more information, visit www.spiritune.com.