Startup profile: Darktrace

  • Darktrace, established in 2013, is a cyber defence company using AI technology to neutralise threats in seconds.
  • The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, with over 40 offices worldwide.
  • Darktrace recently entered into a multi-year partnership with McLaren Racing.


About Darktrace


The UK cybersecurity unicorn protects businesses against cyber threats. The Darktrace autonomous response technology dubbed “machine fights back” is a cybersecurity AI that automatically blocks attacks in seconds and far exceeds human capabilities. The sophisticated AI algorithms that power the Autonomous Response system are a world first.

The unprecedented growth of Darktrace has seen the technology prove itself in over 3,000 enterprises worldwide. With the help of  over 1,000 employees, Darktrace Cyber AI currently neutralises a cyber-threat every three seconds. 

How Does It Work?


The innovative Threat Visualiser uses machine learning technology to predict threats earlier and act faster against ransomware. As well as acting as a threat interface, The Threat Visualizer also provides total visibility of behaviour within a digital infrastructure, including cloud services, SaaS, networks and email. Darkstrace states that 94% of advanced email attacks get through standard email security filters. Their AI security promises to detect even the most sophisticated of email threats from targeted impersonation attacks and social engineering, to supply-chain threat and human-factor vulnerabilities.


Darktrace enterprise defence
The Enterprise Immune System protects against threats across the enterprise.


The technology even goes so far as to produce executive-friendly reports every time it investigates a suspicious event. Darktrace uses Visual Storytelling to display events, ensuring that incidents and the context surrounding them are understood by executives and end-users alike.

Darktrace is compatible with all major cloud providers and SaaS applications, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and Office 365. The technology can integrate with SIEM dashboards and SOC environments, allowing security teams to adopt Darktrace without changing existing business processes. The Darktrace mobile App also enables businesses to easily view and asses incidents. It also provides real-time push notifications and one-click confirmation of the AI decision-making.



Darktrace in 2020


On 5th February, Darktrace partnered with Formula One team McLaren Racing, alongside its parent McLaren Group. The multi-year partnership will use Darktrace artificial intelligence-driven cybersecurity technology to improve visibility across McLaren’s IT estate. Having previously lagged in the heavily digitised world of F1 racing, McLaren hopes this new partnership will provide a technological advantage over its competitors. With Darktrace technology on their side, the McLaren Group will be able to instantly self-defend against all cyber attacks.

This year also saw the appointment of new CFO Cathy Graham. Graham took on the role on 10th February, and CEO Nicole Eagan welcomed her to Darktrace. She stated, “Cathy’s judgement, strong business partnering skills, and exceptional leadership capabilities make her a fantastic candidate to guide Darktrace through this next period of strategic growth.”