How Storm3 Helps HealthTechs Cope With the Demand

The HealthTech market is predicted to reach almost $660 billion dollars by 2025; and with healthcare providers around the world increasingly adopting pioneering technologies in their organisations, there’s an incredible demand for HealthTechs to continue providing these products and services.

In February 2021, amidst a global pandemic, HealthTech recruiter Storm3 launched with institutional backing to solve the greatest problem for technology CEO’s worldwide: attracting and retaining top talent. From genomics, telemedicine, FemTech and surgical robotics, to smart devices and apps focused on our physical and mental health; investment into HealthTech continues to soar globally, and Storm3’s mission is to be the integral staffing partner to this digital revolution.

The business continues to grow and support more HealthTech startups scale their teams, and their own diverse team of experts are already deeply immersed in the market and connecting with the very best senior HealthTech talent globally. The team will be expanding in September of this year, giving Storm3 the capacity to support even more HealthTech startups and scale ups grow.

Clare Cooper, Founder, said:

We’re passionate about being a growth partner for new and established HealthTechs worldwide. These are the businesses that are changing the way people are approaching healthcare, creating a more inclusive and accessible process for so many, and providing innovative solutions to the biggest health problems of today. Storm3 have a deep network of HealthTech-specific professionals and are able to connect with senior talent quickly to grow and scale teams.

Providing highly specialised teams across Data & Analytics, Engineering, DevOps, Product Management, and Sales & Marketing, Storm3 is able to target top level candidates with specific technical skills. They aim to do more than just connect talent and are also a leading provider of HealthTech-focused information to clients on market compensation and best practice in diversity, equity & inclusion, hiring and retention.