Storm4 Are Continuing To Storm The Green Business Boom

Sustainable business practices are no longer a moral imperative, but an entirely new way to power the world. With the GreenTech market predicted to generate almost $57.8 billion in 2030, creating 24 million jobs, Storm4 swooped in to make this a reality.

With the world at a critical turning point, a global pandemic didn’t stop them from launching a specialist GreenTech recruitment company in 2020, striving to help businesses that are at the cutting edge of renewable energy tech, and ‘clean’ innovations. And just 1 year into their journey, they’re already making waves in the GreenTech recruitment market.

The brainchild of Kayleigh Bottomley, her expertise in the Energy space and undivided attention towards bridging the diversity, equity and inclusion gap makes her the perfect match to solve the existing problem in the GreenTech space; attracting top talent to a maturing market.

Kayleigh Bottomley, founder, commented:

“I have a huge passion for this sector and it’s incredible to see the market picking up. More and more tech companies are realising the profound impact a green economy will have economically, socially and environmentally, and Storm4 are here to help them achieve that. We pride ourselves on having a diverse team of engaged specialists connecting with the very best senior GreenTech talent globally.”


But what makes them different from any other recruiter? Approaching recruitment from a different lens, they are unique in that each of their consultants is in the top 1% of recruiters in their specialism globally. Every consultant is a micro-specialist, only working on roles within one vertical, and only within GreenTech. Having secured over £3M in investment since launching, they have proven themselves to be a trusted growth partner, connecting organisations with top talent to drive their mission for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Already partnering with innovative businesses across Future Mobility, Clean Energy, Smart (Grid, Metering, Water & Home), AgTech and Food, Energy Storage and Decarbonisation, they are making waves and being recognised as the leading recruiter in the GreenTech space.

Are you looking to scale your GreenTech startup? Strom4 is the answer!