Succeeding as a Freelance IT Consultant

All modern businesses now know how important IT is to their operations. From cyber crime defence to keeping vital servers going, IT staff are central to how all businesses work in the modern age. What you might not realise, however, is just how popular the IT consultant freelance sector is.

This sees businesses hiring freelance consultants to advise on specific areas in their company. With decent levels of pay and the ability to pick the projects you find most interesting, more and more IT professionals are branching out into consulting work. If you fancy doing the same, here are a few tips to help.

Think About Using an Umbrella Company

When it comes to tips in this area, possibly an umbrella company is the best one to consider. These companies act as your official employer rather than the individual clients you complete projects for. There are many advantages to signing up with one that can help you succeed. The biggest one is the extra time they give you to take on more work and earn more money!

As the umbrella company will complete time-consuming tasks such as chasing payments and submitting timesheets for you, you are left with more time to source new projects to tender for. An umbrella company will also pay you through the PAYE system, which means that you save time on dealing with your tax returns each year. All this is a great help in letting you focus on your core IT work and building up your brand.

Network Like a Boss

Networking has always been a key part of business if you work for yourself. It seems to have really come back in recently though thanks to the tech revolution that we have all experienced in business. Online platforms such as LinkedIn give you a powerful way to connect with CEOs and other key people who could help you succeed in the IT sector. By leveraging this to its fullest, you can help promote your services and find more projects to apply for.

Use Soft Skills to Create the Right Impression

Along with networking, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to succeed in business. This is especially true in the freelance world, where people will often look for recommendations before employing a consultant. The best way to build up your reputation in this way is to brush up on your soft skills. If you can leave the right impression with companies when you advise them on IT issues, they will be more likely to recommend you to other businesses. If you do not, you will not build up this stellar reputation despite being technically outstanding in your core work.

IT Consultancy Work is Growing

As more and more businesses look to access the help they need but in a way that doesn’t incur ongoing costs, freelance consultancy work in the IT sector is growing. Companies now will simply take someone on temporarily to deal with a specific issue as it arises. If you have superb IT skills and experience in this sector, it is an exciting career option to consider.