Synthesia IO Review 2023: How To Create AI Videos

synthesia demo is a platform that enables users to generate professional videos using artificial intelligence. The software allows businesses and individuals to create engaging videos without needing to show their own faces.

The platform offers a range of diverse avatars who can speak with different tones of voice, accents, languages, and personalities. These choices are combined to create a unique presenter who will read your script aloud. This presenter can be inserted into any background, with fully customisable text and images. 

Synthesia allows users to create professional videos in minutes. They offer various pricing plans from £23 per month, which can provide a far more affordable option for businesses unwilling or unable to hire film crews to shoot their video content. 



What Is Synthesia Used For?

Synthesia is ideal for product demo videos, explanation videos, marketing content, training videos, or any other type of video that involves delivering information. The software works best for short promos and teaser videos.

Synthesia can also be used to make social media videos very quickly, with very little effort. Its uses include Facebook ads, YouTube videos, and Instagram reels. This can be very handy for small businesses and bloggers who may not feel comfortable in front of the camera. 


How Does Synthesia Work?

Although you can start completely from scratch, Synthesia provides a range of video templates. You can find colourful, creative ones, or more serious, minimalist designs. All the templates featured on Synthesia are fully customisable.  

Once you have selected your video template, you can pick your avatar. The avatars come in a range of ages, genders, and ethnicities. You can choose avatars dressed in a range of costumes, from scientists to Santa Claus. You also have the option to upload your own custom presenter for an additional fee. 

Your next step is to insert your video script. Synthesia offers a huge range of languages, including dialects from different countries. You simply paste your video script into Synthesia’s textbox and select your language. Synthesia also offers different tones of voice that can be used to read your script, such as calm, excited, and neutral. You can select the tone that best suits the type of content you want to create. 

You can finish the video by choosing a background for your avatar to stand in front of. You can also add music, text, closed captions, and images such as your logo.


How Much Does Synthesia Cost?

The personal plan for Synthesia costs £23 a month, which gives you 10 monthly video credits. 1 credit can be used to produce 1 minute of video, with a maximum video length of 10 minutes per video. 

Synthesia also offer a corporate plan perfect for bigger companies. The pricing packages for their corporate plan depend on your organisation’s needs, and you can schedule a 30 min demo before committing. 



Is Synthesia Worth It?

Synthesia allows businesses to create high-quality videos for a minimum of £23 per month. This is far cheaper than hiring actors,  studios, videographers, camera equipment, editors, and all the other professionals who would otherwise be needed to create a professional video.

It also saves businesses a significant amount of time. Videos made on Synthesia can take just minutes to make from start to finish. Even if you have absolutely no video editing experience, the software is extremely intuitive, and Synthesia’s website contains easy-to-follow YouTube clips that explain each step of the process. 

Synthesia is a great tool for small businesses, social media managers, marketers, or any digital business that wants to create high-quality videos on a limited budget. They currently offer a free demo video, so you can test it out to decide whether you want to commit to the monthly plan.