Tech Helping Stop Break Ins And Burglaries

Data from the ONS Crime Survey revealed that one in every 100 homes in the UK are burgled each year. The ONS also reports that crime has increased by a staggering 5% in the least year, which raises concerns about the increase in violence across England an Wales.

It is thus crucial to for individuals to have preventative measures in place to ensure the safety of themselves, their homes, and their business. Here, we take a closer look at tech solutions helping stop break ins and burglaries so that you can sleep soundly.


Tech Keeping Your Home Safe


There are many gadgets and measures individuals can take to prevent break ins and burglaries. These measures help deter unauthorised persons from entering a property and can help alert homeowners of suspicious activity underway.


Smart Lighting Systems

Smart Lighting


Burglars move best in the shadows. Which is why it is incredibly important to have strategic lighting, and installing a reliable smart lighting system will deter any intruders from taking another step towards your home.

Smart lighting systems’ functionality varies, from automatically lighting up when motion is detected in certain areas, to being able to control the lights with a user friendly button on an app.


Electronic Technology Alarms

electronic alarms


Electronic technology alarms are alarm systems with built in sensors that triggers the alarm system when there is unauthorised movement in a protected area.

These systems often come with the capability to connect to a monitored control centre and mobile devices, enabling reactive security response without geological restrictions.


Night Vision Surveillance System


Night Vision


Since most businesses and homes quiet down at night, it’s important that installed surveillance systems are capable of identifying movement and intruders during the evening hours.

Night vision surveillance systems can record and monitor unauthorised activity in detail in the dark. This can help build a case for individuals and businesses who may want to go to court.


Video Doorbells

Video Doorbell


Video doorbells enable individuals to identify who and what is on the other side of the door. It also enables homeowners to monitor movement and unauthorised entry at vacant houses.

Aside from monitoring movement, a visible video camera may also deter burglars from forcefully trying to enter the premises.


Wireless IP Cameras

wireless cameras


Cleverly places wireless cameras can help identify any intruders before they enter the premises many good systems can also detect motion and alert a connected device via an app. This alert often comes paired with photos, and the recipient can then decide to carry through further action.

When installing surveillance cameras around your home, it is important to cover all entry points so that there are no areas a burglar can privately gain access to enter the home.

To conclude, there are many systems one can employ to ensure the safety of their property. With crime rates on the rise, it is especially important to ensure proactive measures are taken to protect ones self, their loved ones and their business.

With the addition of technological advancements in home security systems, it has become easier than ever to monitor, detect, and prepare for potential crisis that may arise.