How Technology is Changing Executive Travel

Travelling for business purposes can be exciting but it can also be stressful and time consuming. For example, you may be worried about impressing in those crucial meetings, as well as the logistics and practicalities of travel. Fortunately, in addition to improving our daily lives, advancements in technology are also changing the way we travel for the better, and this has some real benefits for business travel.

Automated Check-In

When flying, there are two parts of the aiport process that can be long and painful: checking in and security. While technology is yet to speed up security, it has made huge advancements to check-in. Rather than queuing for hours to get to the check-in desk, automation allows passengers to check-in for their flights online and receive a digital boarding pass, providing travellers with more time to relax or go over key business notes.

WiFi On Board

When conducting business on the go, having a good WiFi connection is crucial. While train providers have offered internet for some time, other methods of travel have been slow to follow but are beginning to catch up. There are now an increasing number of car models with WiFi hot spots, as well as planes offering customers high speed internet. So whether you travel for business by private jet or commercial airliner, WiFi can improve your journey.

Expense Requests

Even if your company has booked your travel and accommodation, there will still areas where you need to reclaim, such as food or taxi fares. Collecting all of the receipts and filling in paperwork can take a long time, so you may put it off. Plus, reclaiming expenses can soon turn into a nightmare if you lose receipts. However, software makes this process more streamline, helping you to claim expenses without the hassle.

Travel Apps

There have been a lot of new travel apps and technology-related platforms launched in recent years, each offering solutions to little travel problems. The best travel apps include passport renewal, help with packing, digital itineraries, GPS and directions, and translation services. This means that when travelling, you can access everything you need from your smart phone. It also allows travellers to make those much needed last-minute changes and amendments. Technology has made advancements to business travel, from planning a business trip to claiming expenses when returning home. But if you are worried, try these tips to make sure you get the most out of your business trip.

Protecting Your Flight Rights

Unlike in past times, if your flight is subject to excessive delays, if you are unjustifiably denied boarding or if the flight is cancelled altogether, you can pursue claims against the airline provider. This has been made much easier in recent years thanks to companies such as Myflyright, who can help you easily undertake this process and receive compensation. With processes and applications for compensation hosted online, these companies make the process more efficient than ever.