TechRound Tries: Nolii

Headquartered in London, Nolii is a provider of high-quality tech accessories, on a mission to make life a little simpler through thoughtful design. The company was founded by Asad Hamir in 2017 and has since grown to become a thriving hub of creatives, technologists, makers and product designers.




As Nolii themselves state “It started with a bag. A bag full of ‘stuff’. You know the ‘stuff we’re talking about. We need it to get us through the day – cables, batteries, chargers – but it’s bulky, messy and frustrating. Our founder Asad Hamir was convinced there had to be a better way.”

Nolii’s mission is to help streamline everyday life through better technological designs. This is why none of Nolii’s products come with unnecessary features, offering more by adding less and providing customers with stylish, optimised tech accessories.

TechRound recently tried one of Nolii’s innovative new products the Set Battery, wanting to see if this handy gadget lived up to its name the as “the answer to all charging woes”.


About Nolii’s Set Battery


Designed impeccably in both function and form, Nolii’s Set Battery is the latest addition to the company’s ecosystem of tech products. The product is comprised of a power bank and magnetic plug, the power bank having an apple Lightning cable and a USB port while the plug also offers a USB port.

The Set Battery comes in three different colourways (shown in the image below), all with a matt textured finish and smooth, streamline design.




Some of the product’s key features include:

  • Magnetic plug and power bank system
  • Charges device up to 2.5x
  • Integrates Lightning cable and USB-A port
  • Recyclable
  • Released with UK plug
  • EU plug to follow
  • Costs £59.99

Nolii gives thought not only to the design and life cycle of its creations, but also what happens during their end of life. The Set Battery’s lithium battery is removable, unlike most battery packs, which are ultrasonically welded. This means that when disposed of properly, parts of Nolii’s Set Battery are recyclable.

Nolii’s founder Asad Hamir has commented the following on this recent creation: “Like with all Nolii products, we want to put people first and really address the everyday pain points they have with technology. Time and time again, I’ve seen first-hand how easy it is to forget to charge your power bank and run out of battery when you’re on the move. With Set, this becomes second-nature – you charge your power bank, while you’re charging your phone.”


What We Thought…


We tried one of Nolii’s new Set Battery products in the light and dark and grey colourway option. The design was sleek and stylish, its monochromatic-esk colour scheme making it attractive and enjoyable to use, and complimented well by the subtle LED indicator lights which display the battery level of the power bank.

The Set Battery arrived promptly after ordering, living up to its 48-hour tracked delivery offering. The packaging was in-keeping with Nolii’s signature sleek design, and came with a small grey travel bag to keep the product in.

The product couldn’t have been easier to get familiarised with, the power bank attaching effortlessly to the magnetic plug and charged efficiently. With both the Lightning cable and the USB-A port, the power bank made it easy to charge two devices simultaneously.

The lightweight design of the Set Battery made it easy to use on the go, the small power bank effortless to carry around, while the grey travel bag helps to separate the product out from other items you’re carrying around – making the days of tangled wires and persistent rummaging disappear!

Overall, we thought the new Set Battery was a fantastic new addition to Nolii’s collection of innovative tech accessories, and a testament to the thoughtful design the company prides themselves on.