TechRound’s Peloton Review: Revolutionising Fitness

The worst thing about going to the gym – is going to the gym…however, with advances in technology continuously helping to make life a little easier, the fitness sector have produced a true gem.

Peloton has created a fitness bike unlike any other, just above its handlebars is a tablet that lets users connect to its global interactive platform, accessing thousands of on-demand classes from the comfort of your own home. Peloton offers both pre-recorded and live classes, the live classes giving members the chance to follow an instructor and join a community of other riders in real time.

Whilst there are many people that want to work out, some have schedules that simply do not allow for a trip to the gym – which is exactly what founder and CEO of Peloton John Foley found. Whilst both John and his wife were unable to manage studio classes alongside their demanding schedules, he thought of a plan to bring the studio class to them.




Peloton helps to bring the excitement and intensity of studio classes to those who can’t attend them. The company have revolutionised the home work-out routine, bringing it up to studio standards and helping those with time-restricting schedules to access a fantastic range of classes, and connect with its community of 1.6 million members.


TechRound’s Peloton Experience

Peloton invited TechRound to test out one of their bikes, showing us the vast scope of workout options available, and letting us try one of their classes. Looking through its platform, we saw the true range to Peloton’s available options, users able to flick from the smiling faces of spinning instructors to virtual bike rides through beautiful sceneries.




Going for a beginners class (it was our first time..), we were met with the beaming face of Leanne, a former professional dancer and now passionate Peloton instructor. The class was enjoyable with just the right amount of push, users able to tailor the class to an intensity that best suits them.

Once the class had ended, we were able to learn a bit more about the variety of different workout options available through the Peloton app, including yoga, running and strength exercises. The app is available on Amazon Fire TV streaming devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs.


Final Thoughts

Whilst some elements of the online world can cause a sense of disconnect, Peloton could be seen as achieving the exact opposite of this, helping those strapped for time connect with other Peloton members from around the world. It can help to provide a sense of community to those with an isolating workout routine, whilst also encouraging fitness and exercise by making it more accessible.

Overall, we thought Peloton was a fantastically innovative idea, transforming accessibility in the fitness sector and encouraging exercise on a global scale.