Hyperautomation: What Is It & Why Does Your Business Need It?

Gary Bennion, Managing Director at CloudM explains…

Over the last couple of years, businesses have changed the way they work to adapt to a digital business model, ideal for the modern working hybrid world. Due to this, hyperautomation has rapidly changed from being optional to vital over the last couple of years.

Now as we head into Web 3.0, hyperautomation is the trend everyone is talking about. But what is it?

Hyperautomation in a business sense is a tool used to identify and vet, or automate, as many IT processes as possible ultimately orchestrating the use of multiple tools and platforms. Put simply, it’s taking multiple technologies and having them all work together seamlessly, without the need for human input.

As businesses evolve into purely digital organisations, hyperautomation is a key aspect of the next stage of the digital transformation. IT leaders must use hyperautomation as an ongoing catalyst to optimise task-level digitization, connecting software programmes that run independently from one another but that are both essential to the running of the business.

For IT Leaders, the objective is always to get more done in a faster time with less effort. By accelerating complex work that relies on input from people, hyperautomation decreases downtime, augments employee performance, and discovers new processes and opportunities.

One of the reasons for the appeal of hyperautomation is that it is not partial to any technology or vendor – it can be applied to any business or IT process. Basically, anything that’s repetitive can and should be automated, saving time, money and getting the end product to your customers and clients quicker.

Heading into the next decade, we expect to see hyperautomation as a developing trend in the industry. One of the ways to ensure a successful hyperautomation strategy is implemented is by using CloudM. The CloudM platform helps make IT Administration simple, fast and automated. We put Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace at the heart of your organisation, helping to integrate your SaaS portfolio giving you a truly automated digital workplace.