The Best Headphones for Your Laptop in 2019

When searching for your next pair of headphones, there are numerous different things to consider to ensure you get a well-suited pair. Whilst getting the best quality at the lowest price is certainly one of the main factors in determining the next set of headphones, what tends to be ignored is that quality does not mean the same thing for every headphone shopper out there. The various different preferences people have, and therefore look out for, when shopping for a new pair of headphones means that the perfect set for one person will not necessarily be the same for another. In this case, one size truly does not fit all. For example, a gamer will be looking for different features from their headphones in comparison to those who just want a set for listening to music; one wanting to improve their gaming experience, the other looking to improve the way they listen to music.

Whatever you want from your headphones, it is important to find a pair that has all the great qualities you need from it. Therefore, when finding the perfect pair of headphones, it is important to understand exactly what you want from them, and tailor your search accordingly. Through this piece we will be exploring some of the best headphones out there in 2019, and the various different qualities that make them better adapted to certain customers’ needs. Therefore, without further ado, here is TechRound’s list of some of 2019’s best headphones for your laptop and/or smart devices.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

For those wanting to cut the world out and become immersed in whatever film, TV series or music playlist they’re listening to, a pair of noise cancelling laptop headphones are perfect for just that. Not only will a decent quality pair of this kind provide an excellent audio experience from whatever is playing on the laptop, but with the noise cancelling feature that defines sets like these, wearers can be sure to experience an enhanced sense of immersion as all distractions from the outside world are blocked out.

Noise cancelling headphones come in all shapes and sizes, and both widely produced in the form of earphones and headphones alike. The difference between earphones and headphones for the purpose of this article are as follows:

  • Earphones – worn inside the ear canal, commonly referred to as earbuds and one of the most popular designs of headphones out there.
  • Headphones – worn by resting its circular pads on the outer ear, another extremely popular design arguably on par in popularity as the earphones.

A very popular brand of such noise cancelling headphones at the minute would be the Extreme Isolation Ex29-Plus Headphones (image shown below). This pair provides superb isolation of outside whilst remaining very comfortable when worn. The headphone contains aircraft grade aluminium cable grommets, that ensure stability of the design and its noise-cancelling objective. In addition to this the re-designed headband has helped to improve this set’s already legendary levels of comfort. For more details on these excellent noise cancelling laptop headphones, please click here.


Headphones for Gaming

 For those gamers looking for a new headphone set, the main priorities for this are listed as follows:

  • Good-quality voice transmission
  • Good-quality sound transmission
  • Control over headset

Good-quality Voice Transmission

For a successful and enhanced gaming experience, communication throughout other members of the team is vital. Therefore good-quality voice transmission is an essential feature that gamers look for when choosing their next set of headphones.

Good-quality Sound Transmission

As well as a good-quality mic, hearing the other players of the game and the various different sounds going on within it is also another crucial tool gamers need to maximise both their gaming skills and experience. Good-quality sound transmission in a gamer’s headset is therefore and extremely important factor to consider when buying the next set of gaming headphones.

Control Over Headset

It is also important for gamers to find a headphone set in which they can have maximum control over. For example, during a busy tournament, features such as adjusting the volume, answering a call or muting the microphone all need to be done as efficiently and smoothly as possible to ensure no hindrance on the game.

A good example of gamers headphones would be the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset 2nd Gen (see image below). This pair offers all three of the main qualities listed above for gamers headphones, and can be found on the Studio Spares website.

MMX 300 Headset

Wireless Headphones

For those wanting a more on-the-go set of headphones, whether frequently dashing from place to place or needing a set for the gym, wireless headphones may be the perfect fit. These types of headphones are typically built with portability in mind, able to fold up and be stored away as quickly and as efficiently as they can be taken out. They often operate under Bluetooth.

A great and cost-effective pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones would be the AV:LINK Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, available in both white and black. This pair is not only sold at a great price, but also offers many of the features that make the wireless headphones fantastic for those on-the-go people, including such qualities as:

  • Fold up ability and compact storage.
  • Microphone built-in for hands free calls.
  • Noise cancelling.
  • Wireless connectivity to Bluetooth

More information on this pair, including additional features, pricing and availability, can be found here.


DJ Headphones

Whether a professional, full-timer or just pursuing it as a hobby, those wanting to find a decent pair of headphones appropriate for DJ-ing will be focused most prominently on the sound quality a set will provide. Main aspects of the sound quality include high accuracy in sound reproduction and top-quality attenuation of ambient noise. In addition to this, comfort and ease in transportability are also key features for DJs when traveling to gigs and playing sets for prolonged periods of time.

A great example of DJ headphones would be the Sennheiser HD280 Headphones, designed specifically for DJs, with a superb flexible design and excellent sound reproduction quality.