The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures Offers The Ultimate Virtual Team Building Experience

The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures Offers the Ultimate Virtual Team Building Experience to Boost Morale and Problem Solve with Employees Worldwide.

As offices begin the process of gradually reopening or permanently staying remote, the crucial need for teams everywhere to connect with one another has become more important than ever before. With significant staffing changes since the onset of the pandemic, as well as the added components of separation and isolation, many workers are in search of connections and community with their fellow colleagues. There’s no better way to break the ice (and show appreciation for your team) than by participating in a fun filled virtual escape room that’s sure to boost everyone’s morale. The Escape Game, America’s #1 escape room, offers Remote Adventures that are executed start to finish via Zoom and can be joined from anywhere in the word. Companies like Netflix, Nickelodeon, Google, Pepsi and more have turned to The Escape Game to help close the divide and break the ice with their employees through virtual team building. The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures offers organisations the initial tool they need to build lasting team bonds founded in solutions and problem solving.




Remote Adventures are virtual escape rooms that allow teams to solve puzzles and figure their way out of sticky situations, all from the comfort of their remote offices or homes. Each session is private, seamless and done entirely over Zoom. Upon logging in, teams join one of The Escape Game’s real in-store escape rooms via a live camera feed and are greeted by a Host. The Host acts as the team’s emcee and provides instructions, clues, and laughs along the way. Teams are also introduced to their Game Guide, who is on-location in the escape room streaming live. The Game Guide serves as a team’s eyes and ears, hands, and feet in the physical escape room while teams relax and enjoy the fun from home. Groups progress through the game by directing the game guide verbally and keep their progress organised in their digital dashboard, which includes 360 degree scans of the room and an inventory system for clues.



The Escape Game not only creates a positive environment for teams to work together to solve challenging puzzles, but it also gives organisations a virtual team building moment to develop their group’s communication skills in a fun interactive way.

Remote Adventures serve as the perfect midday pick-me-up with each game lasting between 75-90 minutes in total. The Escape Game offers a plethora of options in terms of game themes, and each can be executed with both large and small groups. Whether you want to take a step back in time to California’s gold rush era, break free from prison with your team, participate in a thrilling art heist, help Tommy and the gang search for their “losted” toys in a special edition Rugrats-themed game, or hunt for forbidden treasure, The Escape Game offers the perfect morale boosting and problem solving exercises for teams everywhere.

For more information and to book a Remote Adventure with The Escape Game, please visit their website. The Escape Game also offers in-person escape rooms at their seventeen locations across the United States.