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Travel back in time 100 years and you will see a very different stock market than the one we are seeing right now – one that is not accessible to many and where only people with sufficient wealth were able to participate. This has been changed over the decades, with the eighties presenting another milestone. Since then, people were able to call their brokers and tell them to trade, even for small amounts. The fees at the time were still high, but at least the market was accessible. You can imagine that common people were not able to outperform professionals, as there was a significant lag between the time you intended to trade to the time a transaction was completed. However, The true revolution started with the invention of the Internet…

Perform transactions yourself through an online broker

The Internet has enabled people to create an account with a broker directly, allowing them to trade on the stock market themselves. Since the introduction of the internet, transaction fees have been reduced to an amount that allows everyone to trade. This has changed the stock market to become inclusive for everyone, resulting in new investors starting everyday.


A stocks tracker has made the life of investors more convenient

Since the start of online trading, a stocks tracker has supported investors along their journey. It allowed them to combine all their investments in a single place and track them across all markets. With mobile devices entering the stage, the stocks tracker evolved into a mobile app and became a user-friendly tool to monitor your investments everywhere you go. However, the true revolution of user-experience on stock trackers was still to come.


Delta’s stocks tracker: revolutionising the way you invest

The new stock tracker that has been introduced by Delta is revolutionising the way people are investing. You can create an account in the application and add all the asset types you own, ranging from stocks to currencies, cryptos and futures. The stocks you own are automatically updated and you will always receive the most up-to-date prices.


Transparency is key

Delta can provide insight into the transaction fees that are charged by brokers. You can see the costs involved in the transaction and compare them between brokers. For example, stocks listed on the NYSE have a low cost on DEGIRO, but it is better to utilise another broker for stocks listed in London or Madrid. Having this transparency and overview in a single application is a true revolution and helps you to become an even better trader with lower transaction fees.

Want to learn more about the application and the brokers that are connected through the  APIs of Delta? You can visit their website to find out: