The Best Apps For Summer 2024 Festival-Goers

With Coachella just gone and the Glastonbury resale looming, festival lovers all over the world are starting to plan their summer of fun.

As time goes on, music festivals are continuing to become more popular. As huge cultural events that celebrate music and art, they not only act as means of entertainment but are also huge businesses. In fact, according to LastMinMusicians, major UK festivals can generate between £8-12 million per day, amounting to approximately £25-30 million over a weekend​.


Maximising The Festival Experience Through Technology


As festivals have become bigger and more difficult to navigate, apps are helping people transform their festival experience. Whether it’s navigating the grounds more easily, finding friends or even seeing schedule changes in real time, apps are with you every step of the way.

So before you head out for your next festival, download these apps so you can spend more time enjoying the music and less time worrying about logistics.

1. What3Words


what3words: Navigation & Maps – Apps on Google Play


Getting lost at a festival is easy, especially in large crowds. Luckily with the power of tech, finding your way back to your friends doesn’t have to be a challenge.

What3Words has mapped the entire world into 3-metre squares, each with a unique three-word address. Whether you’re looking for your tent, or finding the meetup spot for your group, What3Words allows anyone to communicate their exact location with a unique combination of words.


2. Shazam


Shazam: Find Music & Concerts - Apps on Google Play


There’s nothing worse than hearing a song you love at a festival, with no way of knowing the name. Enter Shazam! Shazam listens to music playing and accurately identifies the song title and artist in seconds.

It’s the perfect app to help you remember your favourite festival hits.


3. Snapseed


Snapseed App | Download Online Photo Editing App


Festivals are filled with Instagram-worthy moments, and Snapseed allows you to create professional-grade photos right on your phone.

Whether you want to change the lighting, enhance the colour or add a specific filter, Snapseed can help you make your festival memories pop even more on your social feed.

4. Radiate


Radiate on the App Store


Radiate is all about connecting with people who are attending the same festival as you. One for both those who are venturing alone, or in groups looking to meet other people, Radiate is like a social media platform for a single event.

Users can join threads, meet new friends and plan meet ups, all to help you have the best social festival experience you can.



5. Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster Blog | Music, Sports, Theater, Family & Fan Insights


As an alternative to other ticket sites, Ticketmaster is a great tool for managing your festival tickets.

Through its user-friendly platform, you can buy tickets, view event details, and even get reminders for upcoming shows and festival slots – so you never miss your favourite artists!


6. AccuWeather


Today's Forecast: A High of AccuWeather Leveraging Data in their  Forecasting, a Low of Dealing with Climate Change - Digital Innovation and  Transformation


The weather can make or break your festival experience. No one likes to be caught out in the rain miles away from their tent.

With AccuWeather, get real-time weather updates, hourly forecasts, and even weather alerts to help you prepare for the day ahead, whether it’s packing extra sun cream or making sure you take your raincoat with you, there’s no better way to prepare for battling the elements on the festival fields.


7. Battery Doctor


Battery Life Doctor Pro on the App Store


Since carrying around portable chargers may not always be possible, making sure you do everything you can to manage your phone’s battery life is crucial.

Battery Doctor helps extend your phone’s battery life by showing you which apps and settings are draining the most power. Keep your phone going longer so you don’t miss out on snapping pics or finding yourself lost without a way to contact your friends.


8. Bandsintown


Bandsintown adds live stream concert alerts as more musicians head online -  The Verge


Are you a die hard band fan? Bandsintown keeps you in the loop about which festivals your favourite bands are playing at.

It gives you bespoke notifications based on your specific preferences, making sure you never miss your favourite artists. One for the pre-festival planners, Bandsintown is a great way to make sure you see your favourite band in as many festivals as you can over the summer.