5 Tips To Secure Company-Owned Devices

Company-owned devices refer to smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets that are provided to employees by their employers for work-related tasks. These devices play a pivotal role in modern business operations, facilitating productivity and connectivity. However, securing company-owned devices is crucial due to the sensitive data they often handle.

The importance of securing company-owned devices cannot be overstated. These devices store and access proprietary company information, customer data, and sometimes even financial records. A breach can lead to data theft, financial loss, and damage to a company’s reputation.

Additionally, compromised devices can be used as gateways for cyberattacks, making security measures essential to protect the organisation’s digital infrastructure and assets.


What Are Common Challenges For Managing Company-Owned Devices?


  • Diverse Device Ecosystem: Companies may have various device types to manage, making it complex to enforce consistent security policies
  • Employee Privacy Issues: Balancing employee security with employee privacy can be challenging; monitoring company-owned devices could intrude on personal use, and use of them can become intrusive over time
  • Maintaining Security Patching: Ensuring all devices have the latest security patches can take considerable effort and time, as can updating them with updates that provide improved protection
  • Lost or Stolen Devices: Device loss/theft poses a considerable threat, potentially exposing sensitive information that resides on them
  • Compliance Regulations: Companies must adhere to industry-specific regulations and data protection laws, adding complexity to device management

All these challenges demand proactive strategies to ensure the security and functionality of company-owned devices.


5 Effective Security Strategies for Businesses


  1. Regularly update applications and patch fixes: Employ a strict policy for regular updates and patch fixes on all company-owned devices. This practice helps close vulnerabilities and strengthens the devices’ security
  2. Remote support: Implement a robust remote access solution to assist employees with technical issues and troubleshoot device problems from afar. This ensures devices are maintained and secure, even when employees work from different locations.
  3. Constant monitoring and management: Utilise mobile device management (MDM) solutions to monitor and manage devices efficiently. This software enables IT teams to enforce security policies, track device usage, and respond to potential threats in real time.
  4. Lockdown the devices: Configure devices to restrict unauthorised access and limit the installation of unapproved apps. This approach minimises the risk of malware and unauthorised use of company resources.
  5. Implement Data Encryption and Storage Solutions: Protect data stored on company devices from being accessed inappropriately through encryption to reduce unauthorised access and potential security breaches with secure storage practices that protect sensitive information from being mishandled or exposed by lost or stolen devices. This practice helps keep sensitive details safe.

Implementing these strategies allows businesses to increase security on company devices, protecting valuable information while upholding digital infrastructure integrity.


AirDroid Business MDM for Securing Devices


Mobile devices have become an essential part of our professional lives, providing access to sensitive data storage services as well as connecting us to digital communities. However, managing and protecting these devices can present businesses of all sizes with unique challenges.

This is where AirDroid Business, a powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, steps in. AirDroid Business empowers organisations to efficiently manage and secure their fleet of mobile devices, ensuring data protection, enhancing productivity and reducing operational complexities.

AirDroid Business is a comprehensive MDM solution designed to streamline device management, enhance security, and improve productivity. It is tailored for businesses and organisations seeking efficient ways to manage and protect their mobile device ecosystems, including smartphones, tablets, POS, interactive kiosks, digital signage, and rugged devices. With AirDroid Business, businesses can take control of their device fleet, ensuring data integrity and compliance with company policies.

Centralised Monitoring and Management

AirDroid Business provides a centralised dashboard, allowing administrators to have a complete overview of all connected devices. This feature streamlines the monitoring and management of devices, providing real-time insights into their status, configurations, and usage. Administrators can efficiently track devices, ensuring they are compliant with security policies and address any issues promptly.

Strengthened Security Policy

Security is paramount in the management of company-owned devices. AirDroid Business empowers administrators to enforce robust security policies across all devices. This includes password policies, data encryption, and restrictions on device functionalities. By implementing strict security policies, the solution helps protect sensitive company data and mitigate risks associated with data breaches and unauthorised access.

Lockdown Device with Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a crucial feature for businesses looking to restrict device usage to specific, business-critical applications. AirDroid Business enables administrators to configure devices into a single app or multi app kiosk mode, limiting access to only approved apps and functionalities. This ensures that employees are focused on work-related tasks and prevents the installation of unauthorised or potentially harmful applications.

Remote Access and Control

AirDroid Business provides remote access and control capabilities, allowing IT teams to troubleshoot and manage devices from anywhere. This feature minimises downtime by enabling quick and efficient remote support, eliminating the need for physical access to devices. IT teams can diagnose and resolve issues, install updates, and provide support without disrupting the user’s workflow.

Privacy Protection

Black Screen Mode, a patented technology held by AirDroid Business, offers a privacy mode for Android devices during a remote control session. When the mode is activated, the remote screen dims and the device is temporarily disabled. This ensures the company’s sensitive data is not leaking, as well as a smooth remote operation for your IT administrators.

Application Management & Update:

Managing applications on company-owned devices is simplified with AirDroid Business. Administrators can remotely install, update, or uninstall applications to make sure that devices are running the latest and most secure software. This feature helps maintain consistent application versions and ensures that employees have access to the necessary tools for their tasks.

Location Tracking & Geo-fencing:

Location tracking and Geo-fencing capabilities enhance security and compliance.

With AirDroid Business, administrators can monitor the real-time location of devices and define Geo-fencing to receive alerts when a device joins or leaves a specific area. And it allows the admin to wipe data and lock the device if it’s lost or stolen. This is valuable for tracking assets, ensuring compliance with location-based regulations, and enhancing overall security.

Timely Alerts & Automated Workflows:

Receive real-time alerts for critical events and incidents, such as unauthorised device access or location breaches. Additionally, you can create automated workflows to streamline device management and incident response.

Streamline Device Provisioning and Configuration:

Simplify device on-boarding and setup with AirDroid Business. It supports zero-touch enrollment for Android devices and allows you to remotely configure device settings, saving time and reducing human error.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, AirDroid Business stands out as a comprehensive Mobile Device Management solution. With centralised monitoring, robust security, kiosk mode, remote control, application management, location tracking, automated workflows, and streamlined provisioning, it ensures optimal device management and security, empowering businesses to thrive in the mobile age.