Top 10 Branded Podcast Companies

What Is A Branded Podcast Company?

In this digital age, companies and brands are always looking for new ways to promote their businesses and gain new customers. Podcasts are rapidly becoming an important mode of marketing with more and more people listening to them every day.

Podcast companies like the ones mentioned on this list help companies and brands to create, organise and promote original podcasts so that brands can gain more exposure through the podcast world.

The best branded podcast companies provide constant assistance for brands to help them truly engage their audience and create a new one at the same time through an original idea for a podcast.

The top 10 branded podcast companies are:


1. 4DC


The best branded podcast company to use is 4DC. 4DC are the world’s first end-to-end strategic podcasting consultancy. They understand both consumers and business and create the perfect marriage of both that drives value for brands through definition, creation and distribution of podcast content that delivers business outcomes for our clients.

4DC believes a podcast is much more than an on-demand radio segment or an audio file sitting in the cloud. It is a direct line to your audience’s mobile device and can make your brand an integral part of their daily commute, gym routine or ‘me’ time.

4DC craft content strategies with your unique business objectives in mind. This allows them to provide their clients with optimal engagement, interaction and differentiation in the podcast ecosystem and tell the stories that matter.

4DC offers three distinct levels of service to ensure that they can deliver for a brand at any stage of the podcasting journey:

  • Premium – Full service end-to-end consultancy that builds business cases, audience strategies, engagement and maximises ROI
  • Lite – More conventional in approach, we conceive, create, produce and distribute ‘in conversation with’ content
  • OutReach – Ensures maximum distribution of an existing asset and third-party spokesperson placement on relevant podcasts


2. Pacific Content


Pacific Content are a leading podcast agency and media production company and they help some well-known brands create and market compelling audio stories.

Their team is made up of veteran media professionals: experts in podcast production, strategy, marketing, distribution and sound design.

They have created some of the most successful, ambitious, and influential branded podcasts ever made. Working with companies such as Morgan Stanley and McAfee on their podcast “Hackable” or with Slack on their podcast called “Work in Progress.” Pacific Content have a lot of experience in the podcast field.

The team hails from different backgrounds but share a common passion for bringing brands to life. They do that through impactful audio stories that entertain, educate, move, and inspire audiences.

3. Content Allies


Content Allies specialises in supporting B2B companies through their podcasting journey. Their mission is to build relationships that drive revenue through podcast networking.

All the production team members have in-depth experience creating engaging content in highly technical fields and are known for their attention to detail. With 8+ years of experience in podcasting, this company has deep expertise in the space.

Content Allies also has a thorough understanding of how to utilise podcast networking as a key revenue generator and catalyst for building long-term relationships built on trust. Working with brands such as Sagemark, Content Allies are a great branded podcast company to use.

Content Allies has their focus on guest outreach and guest scheduling. They will do all of the work to get your dream guests onto the podcast for you. Notable products that they have produced are “Startup Happy Hour” and “Leaders of B2B.”


4. Resonate Recordings


On top of being a full-service podcast production company, Resonate Recordings makes distributing your podcast easier with one-click publishing on their own hosting platform. When you choose to host your podcast with them, you also get a free podcast microsite.

Resonate Recordings specialies in audio, creative branding, and podcast production. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, their team has put together an excellent roster of audio engineers.

Working with places such as Stanford University (Women in Data Science Podcast) and Schneider Electrics, Resonate Recordings have great experience in the industry.

5. Sweet Fish Media


Sweet Fish Media is a full-service podcast production company that specializes in podcasts for B2B brands. Taking time and pressure away from the business as they continue to grow and instead allowing Sweet Fish Media to run a successful podcast for them.

As a major player in the podcast production world, Sweetfish Media helps executives become influencers through industry-specific podcasts.

Alongside offering their core suite of services, Sweetfish Media offers podcast coaching, audience growth sessions, and content marketing coaching.

Sweet Fish Media has worked with Gorilla 76 and also produces its own shows such as the “B2B Growth Show.”

6. Fame


Fame is a full service podcast company that focuses on launching a podcast for your company while also making you famous. Their approach is around creating amazing content in your niche, and then positioning you next to other famous people in your niche.

Fame starts and grow the world’s most profitable podcasts for growth focussed B2B businesses. They define strategy, find and book guests, train the host, produce the audio, promote the podcast and much more.

Fame has worked with Peakon, Ebsta, HighRadius and many more impressive and reputable companies helping them to grow on a large scale. Fame is a great option when looking for a branded podcast company.

7. Motion Agency


Motion Agency sets an impressive pace, working hard to help B2B companies launch their podcasts all within 21 days or less. Their focus is to work with in-house teams to create quality content and develop new industry relationships.

Motion has their own tech-based show called the Tech Qualified Podcast and they use this knowledge to help other B2B tech leaders share their stories and insight through both video and audio podcasts.

Motion has worked with extremely notable companies such as PWC, Fugue and SIA

8. Freedom Podcasting


Freedom Podcasting has worked with many entrepreneurs and artists looking to expand their reach through podcasting. They are experts in SEO, meta-tagging, and automated distribution.

A little different to the other branded podcast companies on this list, Freedom podcasting focuses on helping people expand their reach through podcasting. Using their SEO skills Freedom aids smaller businesses use podcasting to the best of its ability so they can achieve their goals.

Podcasts that Freedom have produced that you may have heard of include, “The Productivity Show” and “Soulful MBA Podcast.”


9. Lower Street


Lower Street works with companies of all sizes across a variety of different verticals, developing shows that are unique to each company’s audience. Their focus is on quality vs quantity, and they prefer to work on a small number of podcasts so that they can make the best possible content.

Lower Street has worked with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Technology Untangled Podcast) and Stanford Business School (Grit & Growth Podcast) showcasing their ability to help companies from different genres organise and promote their podcasts.

Lower Street specialises in producing narrative or story-based podcasts and best-in-class interview shows. They also work with enterprise companies and startups to create internal podcasts that companies can use to onboard new employees, reinforce company culture, and drive engagement from existing employees.

Their team of writers and producers research, write, script and edit interviews to achieve the best production values possible.



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