Top 10 Virtual Event Companies

What are Virtual Event Companies?

Virtual Event companies specialise in running online events for your business, charity or personal occasion. They have especially come to the fore during the pandemic as more and more people were forced to hold their events on the internet rather than face-to-face.

Most major business moved their annual summits or conferences to online and this meant that they needed help to organise and actually pull off an event of such a big magnitude. This is where Virtual Event companies can help.

Virtual Event companies help to conceptualise large online events as well as organise, market and then actually orchestrate the event. All the meanwhile they are looking for ways to make the events original and creative and entertain people even if they are in the vicinity of their own home.

The Virtual Event companies on this list all understand client expectations and create amazing virtual events that help continue business events whilst also continuing to be safe.

The Top 10 Virtual Event Companies to use are:

1. Through The I


Long before social media and video conference calls were part of anyone’s daily routine Through The I was innovating in the virtual space, and conducting the first livestream events.

Over 10 years before Covid pushed companies to embrace running meetings, conferences, launches and more online, Through The I were regularly conducting live virtual events from their physical studios, through various platforms, and in their own digital venue.

They are now using all their experience and expertise to lead the world in producing unique, standout, state-of-the-art events that engage staff, embolden brands, and increase reach and reputation.

Through The I began as a small independent production house. By embracing changes in audience trends and habits, technology and storytelling, they now work with some of the world’s biggest brands and businesses.

Through The I is the best virtual event company to trust with your virtual event, their years of experience includes hosting the Pope’s Inaugural visit to the UAE and the largest virtual mass event.


2.  MCI Group


MCI Group is an independently owned events agency that have been creating events and solutions since 1987. They understand the need for the audiences to have “the feeling of live and the power of virtual, combined.”

MCI Group helps deliver a variety of virtual events including:

  • Company Anniversaries
  • Galas & Awards
  • Grand Openings
  • Product Launches
  • Entertainment and Sports Events

MCI Group are also very aware of their environmental position and strive to limit their footprint during every event. MCI is great at using creativity and technology to engage audiences in a personal, participatory and immersive way.


3. Jack Morton


Jack Morton is an events company that is more than capable of hosting a virtual event. They are especially able to provide the platform for hybrid events. These are events that take place simultaneously online and in-person.

Jack Morton evaluates the benefits of any event to ensure it meets your business objectives.  They identify the best formats to deliver content, based on scale, technology and audience profiles. Clients like Adidas, NFL, and countless others have made this a top hybrid event management company to consider for 2021 and beyond.

Making sure that each is treated as its own experience because companies should not broadcast a live event for a virtual audience or vice versus. Each audience needs to have a unique and dynamic experience that’s appropriate for where they are and that is what Jack Morton is able to accomplish.

4. Freeman


Freeman is a virtual event company that can help bring any virtual event to life including roadshows, user summits and product launches as well as conferences and virtual exhibits.

With their vast experience, Freeman can hep:

  • Supplement your team with digital expertise
  • Quickly execute on your event strategy
  • Utilise proven best practices for event success
  • Create better audience engagement
  • Optimise for business ROI

Although Freeman is happy to help with any virtual event software or platform they also can provide their own platform OnlineEvent which can help bring your virtual event to life!

5. The Croc


Next is The Croc, or their digital event service called Podium. Podium focuses on creativity and technology in order to fully immerse your companies audience in a virtual event.

Their idea is to “Get back to the thrill and theatre of live. Let’s get people wondering ‘who will I meet today?’”. Podium brings immersive digital, hyrbrid and virtual events to the fore and allows your company to host a different and creative online event.

Recent users of Podium are BioBank who hosted the UK’s largest virtual biotech event using The Croc’s virtual events service. Focusing on 3 major aspects of your event, the Strategy and Design, the Faciliation and Technology and the Content and Marketing, using Podium allows you to cover all aspects of your virtual event in a creative and original way.

6. VOK Dams


VOK Dams vows to create brand experiences that inspire. VOK Dams are events and live marketing specialists for projects of all sizes and have been used by major brands such as BMW, IBM and Adidas. For VOK Dams, integrating the live channel into the marketing automation process helps to develop personalised and customised live virtual marketing events as well as follow-up campaigns.

VOK Dams are integrating social media activities, programming event apps, managing digital content for events or exhibitions. This helps bring to life both hybrid and fully virtual events for all types of companies.

The hybrid event management company has continually pushed the envelope since 1970 and works with a team of over 200 worldwide. Captivating audiences and event stimulation is a mainstay of the Vok Dams experiences.


7. Imagination


Imagination is an experience design company that is known for challenging the status quo. Their virtual events are surrounded by consulting, immersive destinations, innovative content, and live engagement. Imagination has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world (Ford, Samsung, MLB) and has created both hybrid and virtual events that are different but also engaging and fun.

Imagination was awarded the Campaign Agency of the Year award in 2020 and is able to produce dynamic live events, live streams, PR and more. These creative virtual events, created by the “imagination” of the company are giving more people access to powerful and moving experiences.


8. McVeigh Global


McVeigh Global is a events company that brings people together including in the virtual space in order to make great events happen.

Some of what McVeigh is able to do for your virtual event includes:

  • Original 2D and 3D immersive environments which can work perfectly with a gala or tradeshow.
  • ConnectUp, a service that rethinks speaker meetings by partnering with local restaurants to provide food delivery to all attendees.
  • Other hybrid and virtual engaging options to ensure audiences don’t suffer from screen fatigue.

McVeigh specialises in bringing something different to your virtual event and is a great virtual events company to use if you are looking to bring something different to the table.


9. Agency EA


Agency EA is a female owned, full service brand experience agency, operating out of Chicago. Agency EA have been finding creative solutions for a long time and have a wealth of experience in both live and virtual events. They have recently grown their employee base to over 100.

The best ways that Agency EA can help you with your event include:

  • Platform or Venue Selection
  • Content Management and Run of Show
  • Rehearsals and Testing

Take your hybrid event or virtual experience to the next level, Agency EA has already been trusted by large corporations such as Facebook, Intuit, Hilton and Samsung. Working with all types of companies, Agency EA is ensuring that virtual company events are successful and original.


10. ImpactXM


ImpactXM is a full service events company that can bring experiential marketing to your event. ImpactXM employees over 300 people while managing roughly 6,000 projects annually.

The event management company’s services include strategy and creative, client service and event production, fabrication and logistics, and analytics and measurement.

Although the last on this list it does not make it any worse, Impact XM thrives in creating virtual exhibits and virtual environments that captivate their audiences. They have received constant awards for creativity and innovation and have been used by companies such as Intuit and AT&T.