Top 7 Smart Watches for iOS Devices

Lately, iOS smartwatches have carved out a remarkable niche. These devices blend sophisticated design with innovative technology to offer a seamless extension of your smartphone experience right on your wrist. This list of the top 10 iOS smartwatches showcases the best options currently available, each offering a unique mix of features that cater to diverse needs, from health monitoring to connectivity, and style to endurance.

Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or someone who appreciates the convenience of receiving notifications without having to reach for your phone, there’s a smartwatch for you. As we delve into this list, prepare to discover the perfect blend of functionality and fashion that these cutting-edge devices bring to the table.

Withings ScanWatch 2




Introducing the ScanWatch 2, the next level in health tracking smartwatches. This cutting-edge hybrid smartwatch is designed to keep you in peak health 24/7, offering a range of exclusive features that set it apart from the rest.

One of the standout features of the ScanWatch 2 is the revolutionary TempTech24/7 module, which continuously tracks your body temperature variations. This feature is invaluable for monitoring your health, as temperature fluctuations can signal the onset of illness or other health conditions. With ScanWatch 2, you’ll receive real-time notifications in case of any baseline shifts in your temperature.

Not only does ScanWatch 2 excel in temperature tracking, but it also provides comprehensive health metrics. It monitors your heart health, including high and low resting heart rates, irregular rhythms, and offers on-demand ECG measurements and AFib detection. Additionally, it keeps an eye on your blood oxygen levels, ensuring you stay informed about your overall health.

ScanWatch 2 goes beyond just health tracking; it’s your ultimate fitness companion. It offers insights into your workouts by evaluating your body temperature during exercise, helping you avoid heat exhaustion and optimise your performance. With its advanced sensors, it’s your proactive health tracker, covering aspects like activity, body, heart, mindfulness, respiratory, menstrual health, and sleep.

The watch syncs effortlessly with the free Withings app, where you can view trends, gain insights, and enjoy unlimited secure storage for your health data. Plus, with the purchase of ScanWatch 2, you’ll receive three free months of Withings+, a premium service offering programs, workouts, recipes, and more for better health.

ScanWatch 2 boasts a sleek and premium design, featuring a Grayscale OLED screen for enhanced readability. It’s water-resistant (5ATM) and equipped with Sapphire glass for durability. Powered by HealthSense™ OS 3 and a rechargeable battery, it provides an exceptional 30-day battery life, ensuring it’s always ready to assist you in your health and fitness journey.

Garmin Venu 3




The Venu® 3, a feature-packed smartwatch designed for Android users. With its sleek silver stainless steel bezel, whitestone case, and comfortable silicone band, it’s not just a smartwatch; it’s a style statement.Key Features:Battery Life: Enjoy up to 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, ensuring that the Venu 3 keeps up with your active lifestyle.Health Insights:

Gain detailed insights into your health, including energy levels, sleep quality, and stress tracking. The Body Battery™ Energy Monitor lets you know when it’s time to recharge with restful sleep.Sports Apps: With over 30 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, including walking, running, cycling, and even activities for wheelchair users, the Venu 3 is your ultimate fitness companion.

Phone Calls: Make and take phone calls directly from your wrist, and use your smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages.

Sleep Coach: Get a sleep score and personalised coaching to improve your sleep quality, including tracking different sleep stages and key metrics.

Fitness Age: Estimate your fitness level compared to your actual age, helping you set and achieve fitness goals.Workout Creation: Create customised workouts from a library of over 1,600 exercises and send them to your watch.

Music: Download songs and playlists from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music for phone-free listening.

Safety and Tracking: In case of an incident, your watch can send your live location to ensure your safety.

Connect IQ™ Store: Customise your watch with watch faces, data fields, and apps from the Connect IQ™ Store.

Two Font Sizes: Choose between small or larger font sizes for ease of viewing your data.

The Venu 3 features a bright 1.4″ AMOLED touchscreen display, ensuring you can interact with your watch effortlessly. It’s lightweight with a 45mm case and a stainless steel bezel for durability. It works seamlessly with the Garmin Connect™ app on both iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.Stay connected with smart notifications, on-wrist texting (Android only), and even view

photos sent to your watch’s screen (Android only). With Garmin Pay™ contactless payments, you can breeze through checkout lines and transit systems with ease.


Fitbit Sense 2




Fitbit’s Sense 2 is a slim and lightweight wearable with a battery that lasts up to six days. It offers health insights, onboard GPS, and customisable straps in multiple colors. The watch features a 1.58-inch AMOLED display and various health sensors, including heart rate, ECG, SpO2, and skin temperature.The Sense 2 has an aluminum case, making it comfortable for

extended wear. It offers Google Maps and Google Wallet support, but Google Maps is iOS-compatible starting in Spring 2023. It includes Amazon Alexa and allows notification replies on Android. The user interface is user-friendly, though occasional sluggishness occurs.

The watch excels in health and fitness tracking, syncing data to the Fitbit app. Fitbit Premium offers enhanced insights, sleep profiles, readiness scores, wellness reports, and over 200 workout options. Battery life is around three days with active health monitoring.

The Fitbit Sense 2 bridges the gap between fitness tracker and smartwatch, offering a fitness-focused experience with excellent health features and community engagement. It’s suitable for those who prioritise fitness tracking, desire multi-day battery life, and want access to Google services and

Amazon Alexa. However, it may not meet the needs of users seeking extended battery life, immediate Google Maps access on iOS, or message responses for iOS users. The watch is a smartwatch-like fitness tracker with a strong focus on health and an active user community.

Ticwatch Pro 5




The Ticwatch Pro 5 is a versatile smartwatch that offers compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices. It stands out with its combination of design and performance, making it a top choice among smartwatches for users of various smartphones. Featuring a Snapdragon W5+ chip, this smartwatch delivers snappy performance, ensuring smooth navigation and quick task execution. The watch’s

design is reminiscent of an analog timepiece, offering a classy and elegant look. It boasts a 1.43-inch OLED display with a dual-layer design, providing essential fitness metrics like steps, calories, and heart rate. The rotating crown for navigation and a side button for quick access to recent apps make it user-friendly.

In terms of features, the Ticwatch Pro 5 runs on the latest Wear OS 3, allowing users to take advantage of Google Wallet, download playlists from services like Spotify, and leave their phones behind. It also offers advanced GPS and GNSS features for accurate location tracking. While Google Assistant isn’t available at the moment, it may be added in the future.

Importantly, the Ticwatch Pro 5 is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, providing flexibility to users of different smartphone ecosystems. Performance-wise, the Ticwatch Pro 5 excels in fitness tracking, offering comprehensive data through the Mobvoi Health app. It tracks activity, exercise minutes, steps, and even sleep quality, presenting the information in a straightforward manner.

The watch is equipped with sensors like heart rate, skin temperature, SpO2, and GPS, ensuring accurate health monitoring. Despite its feature-rich capabilities, it maintains impressive battery life, lasting up to 80 hours.

Amazfit Active




Introducing the Amazfit Active, a versatile smartwatch designed to enhance your active lifestyle. Stay connected and stay healthy effortlessly with its array of features:

Power That Lasts: Enjoy two full weeks of connectivity on a single charge, ensuring you stay in touch without interruptions.

Wellness at the Ready: Understand your activity’s impact on your mental and physical recovery with Readiness insights.

Your Personal Coach: Zepp Coach™ provides AI-driven insights to elevate your training regimen.

Navigate with Precision: Five satellite systems ensure you’re always on the right path.

Customisable Watch Faces: Access over 100 watch faces and editable designs to match your mood.

Long Battery Life: With up to 14 days of typical usage and 30 days in Battery Saver Mode, the Amazfit Active keeps you charged through your day.

Zepp Aura: Enjoy AI-powered rest and wellness support, personalised music, sleep reports, and meditation soundscapes.

Zepp Fitness Membership: Dive deep into your fitness journey with personalised reports, training tips, and nutrition guidance.Zepp Coach™: AI-generated workout plans personalised to your schedule, needs, and goals.

120+ Sports Modes: From outdoor activities to dance, the Amazfit Active adapts to your workout preferences.

Training Templates: Create training templates and interval plans for efficient workouts.

Music Storage & Control: Store music on the watch and control your playlist, phone-free.

Auto-detection of 7 Sports: The watch intelligently recognises when you start various sports.

Race Achievement Predictions: Prepare for races with insights on your likely performance.

Fertile and Menstrual Period Predictions: Plan your active life with predictions and reminders.

Amazon Alexa Built-in: Get answers and manage your day with this intelligent voice assistant.

Stay connected, stay healthy, and stay in style with the Amazfit Active.


Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4





The Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is a luxurious smartwatch that stands out for its exquisite design and performance. It offers a classy steel case with a ceramic bezel, available in two sizes, 42mm and 45mm, catering to different preferences. The 45mm version, while slightly heavier due to the steel case, still maintains a comfortable wear experience.

One of the standout features of this smartwatch is its 1.39-inch AMOLED display with sapphire glass, delivering sharp visuals and excellent visibility even in bright sunlight. The watch faces provided by Tag Heuer match the luxury exterior, offering a range of beautifully designed options.Performance-wise, the E4 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 4100+ processor, ensuring speedy and responsive operation.

It runs on Wear OS 2.0 but is set to receive an update to Wear OS 3.0 in the future. This makes it compatible with both Android and iOS devices, offering flexibility to users.While the watch excels in design and performance, its fitness tracking capabilities leave some room for improvement.

It includes built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, and various exercise modes, but the accuracy of some metrics, such as distance and heart rate, may not match dedicated sports watches.

Battery life has seen a slight improvement, lasting a day with regular use and up to a day and a half with minimal use. However, compared to some cheaper alternatives, it may not meet the expectations of those seeking longer battery life.

ScanWatch Horizon




Differing slightly from the ScanWtch 2, the Withings ScanWatch Horizon is a top-tier smartwatch combining luxurious design with advanced health monitoring features. This special edition timepiece is the most durable creation from Withings, sporting a water-resistant design up to 10 ATM and a stylish rotating bezel with Luminova indexes. Its heart health monitoring capabilities are exceptional, including on-demand ECG recording and SpO2 level measurement, all validated by leading medical institutions.

This watch excels in fitness and activity tracking, seamlessly recording sports sessions and providing detailed analytics. Its advanced sleep tracking feature evaluates sleep cycles and disturbances, generating an overall sleep score for insightful health management. The ScanWatch Horizon also offers smart notifications, displaying alerts for calls, texts, and apps.

Interchangeable bands allow for easy customization between the elegant Oyster Metal and sporty Fluoroelastomer bands. The digital crown adds to the ease of navigation, enhancing the user experience. With a long battery life of up to 30 days and additional 20 days in power reserve mode, the Withings ScanWatch Horizon stands out for its combination of style, durability, and health-focused technology, making it a top choice for iOS smartwatch users.