Top 7 Full-Fibre Service Providers UK

When looking for a reliable internet connection, knowing which service to choose can be difficult to narrow down. Full-fibre, also referred to as fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), is a top choice for many users across the UK when it comes to broadband technology. Not only does full-fibre offer incredibly fast and stable internet connections, but it can be used for both businesses and households alike.


How Does Full-Fibre Work?

Full-fibre broadband delivers internet connectivity through optical fibres made of glass or plastic. Unlike traditional broadband which relies on copper wires to transmit messages from one end to the other, full-fibre broadband uses light signals to transmit data directly to your premises, whether it’s a home or even a business. As full-fibre networks use light signals, data can almost travel at the speed of light, ensuring an ultra-fast and low-latency connection. Full-fibre has therefore become a highly sought-after connectivity solution for users across the UK.


The Best Full-Fibre Service Providers in the UK

With numerous full-fibre service providers to choose from in the UK, finding one that meets your needs and requirements whilst being within budget is key. Some UK providers may focus more on business connectivity whereas others are more suited to residential properties. Take a look at TechRound’s top full-fibre service providers below and see how your digital communications can be optimised.


1. bOnline


At the top spot is bOnline who are a UK-based internet service provider, specialising in delivering full-fibre broadband to businesses. With a range of tailored packages designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, bOnline are a step above the rest. Plus, their full-fibre services ensure symmetrical speeds, meaning you are able to get the same upload and download speeds which can be crucial for tasks such as video conferencing and cloud computing. Known for their excellent customer service and competitive pricing, bOnline full-fibre services are definitely worth considering if you’re looking to upgrade your connectivity.


2. Hyperoptic


Another prominent full-fibre broadband provider is Hyperoptic. Offering gigabit-speed broadband to both residential and business customers across multiple cities in the UK, Hyperoptic is one of the top choices for full-fibre connectivity. Their network extends directly into your building, ensuring consistent speeds and minimal network congestion. Dedicated to providing reliable, high-speed internet, Hyperoptic is a strong contender for full-fibre services.


3. Vodafone


As a globally recognised telecommunications company, Vodafone offers full-fibre services in and around the UK to residential and business properties alike. Vodafone aims to deliver lightning-fast speeds and strong connections with a commitment to expanding its full-fibre network. As a result, Vodafone have become a significant player in the UK broadband market, and they often bundle their broadband services with mobile plans for added convenience.


4. Community Fibre


Community Fibre is on a mission to provide full-fibre broadband to residential areas in London. This provider focuses on delivering dependable, high-speed internet to communities, apartments, and other residential buildings. Plus, by offering a range of packages at reasonable prices, full-fibre is becoming more accessible than ever. Community Fibre’s commitment to community-driven broadband solutions has made them popular in London.


5. TalkTalk


TalkTalk is a well-known name in UK telecommunications but did you know that they offer full-fibre broadband services as well? With a range of packages for residential customers, TalkTalk is able to cater to various speed requirements, making them a top choice for different users. It is also worth noting that TalkTalk have committed to improving connectivity across the UK, which has resulted in the expansion of their full-fibre network. Full-fibre is therefore available to more households, including more remote locations.


6. Sky


Another key company that has ventured into the full-fibre broadband market is Sky. Providing different packages that include high-speed full-fibre internet, Sky enables their customers to bundle TV and broadband services and ultimately lower their total costs. Sky has a reputation for quality service and content, establishing the telecommunications giant as an attractive choice for those looking to combine their entertainment and internet needs.


7. EE


By leveraging its extensive network infrastructure, EE offers fast full-fibre services to businesses and residences in the UK, much like its competitors. With an impressive range of benefits including symmetrical speeds, low latency, and stable connections, EE’s full-fibre offerings are designed to meet the needs of various speed requirements. Users can therefore enjoy quick and consistent internet connectivity for their online activities at a speed that suits them best.