Top Startups For Aspiring Photographers

Photography has long been a popular hobby for many. Once restricted only to those who could afford expensive cameras and film, now budding photographers have more tools at their disposal than ever before.

In fact, across Europe, many startups exist to help photographers hone their craft and explore their talents. Here, we look at the tools and startups helping more people fall in love with photography.


How Popular Is Photography In The UK?


Photography as an art form has been around for decades, with many artists using it as a medium of expression.

The Photographic Activities market in the UK was said to be worth around £1.4bn in 2023, with over 93,000 registered photographers and audio-visual operators driving the industry.


How Has Photography Changed Over Time?


Photography has massively evolved over the last two centuries. From techniques to develop film, to the variety of film available and even the developments of cameras themselves, the way we capture images is constantly changing.

But photography hasn’t just evolved in terms of imagery, it has also changed how we capture our lives.

Photography now plays a central role in areas like art, fashion, media and history. And with the evolution of the smartphone to include cameras, photography has never been more accessible.




Top Startups For Aspiring Photographers


MPB – Buy, Sell, Trade Cameras


MPB sponsor Photography+ in 2021! - Photoworks


MPB is a platform that allows photographers to buy, sell, and trade used camera gear.

With a commitment to trying to make the industry more sustainable, MPB is a more affordable way for photographers to upgrade their equipment. They ensure that each items is inspected before it goes on sale, making it a safe choice for both amateur and professional photographers.


Darkroom – Photo And Video Editor


Darkroom:Foto und Video Editor im App Store


Darkroom is an online photo editor, where photographers can easily manage and adjust their images through a personalised photo library.

It’s easy to use and makes professional grade tools more accessible, even fostering a community of photo lovers who can share their work online.


Meero – AI-Enhanced Photography


Internship at Meero India: My one-month journey


Meero uses AI to provide high-end photography for businesses.

The company helps businesses that need high-quality images for marketing, but can also be a great tool for any photographer looking to expand their roster of business clients. By automating parts of the editing process, Meero allows photographers to deliver consistent, professional results quickly.


PhotoRoom – AI Editor


PhotoRoom AI: Die bahnbrechende App zur Hintergrundentfernung und Bildbearbeitung | Metaverse Post


PhotoRoom allows photographers to use the power of AI to edit the backgrounds of their photos.

The tool automatically removes and inserts custom backgrounds, making it perfect for anyone looking to enhance their images quickly and efficiently.


Lalalab – Print Your Photos


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Lalalab is a photo printing service that turns digital photos into keepsakes.

Photographers can use Lalalab to turn their images into photo books, canvases and other products. The service is known for its high-quality prints and easy-to-use app, making it a go-to option for photographers looking to turn their photos into prints.


ImagenAI – AI Photo Editing


imagen ai logo


ImagenAI is an AI-powered photo editing software that helps photographers edit photos more quickly.

By learning a photographer’s style, ImagenAI can apply consistent edits to batches of photos, saving time and ensuring they all look the same. This tool is perfect for event and portrait photographers who take large volumes of images and need quick editing solutions.


Upwork – Freelance Photography Jobs


Datei:Upwork-logo.svg – Wikipedia

For those looking to turn their hobby into a passion, Upwork is a freelance platform that connects photographers with clients looking for photography services. From event photography to product shoots, Upwork can help photographers find the best opportunities to monetise their craft.