Top Tech Gadgets for Alleviating Stress


The past year has been a turbulent and stress-inducing time to say the least. However, it’s also been a time of raising awareness to the importance of personal health and wellbeing.

As we near the end of Stress Awareness Month, TechRound explores top tech gadgets to help alleviate stress…


Gadgets to Help Alleviate Stress:


  • Evernote
  • Activ5
  • GTR Bamboo All Terrain (Electronic Skateboard)
  • Groov-e Light Curve






TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT is a fitness and wellness community app that streams hundreds of workouts directly to smartphone users around the globe. The platform puts a huge emphasis on mental wellbeing, providing over 45 mental health and lifestyle e-books for children and adults that have been created by Professor Christopher Williams, who is one of just a handful of individuals whose work is prescribed by the NHS.

The e-books cover a range of topics to support enhanced mental wellbeing, from ‘looking at things differently’, to ‘10 things you can do to feel happier straight away’ and much, much more.

Motivation is one of the many central themes that feature, and in a changing landscape whereby we are all looking towards tools to help us navigate our way back to varying degrees of normality, other topics broached include the importance of making plans, building inner confidence, and learning how to tackle stress through the training of the mind.

The e-books will help users get to the root cause of stressors in their lives, with anger, irritability and relationships areas that feature, and the goal is to provide users with a platform to tap into where they can truly understand the things that might be causing them stress and anxiety, both on a physical and mental level.

TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT is available to download on iOS or Android; £9.99 a month. To find out more, visit 


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Disorganisation can have a big impact on your emotional well-being; it’s not uncommon to lie awake making mental to-do lists for the days ahead resulting in poor sleep. Whether you’re unorganised at work or at home, it can lead to a higher level of the stress hormone cortisol. By being organised you’ll feel calmer and able to think more clearly.

Organisation looks different for everyone, some thrive on simplicity and minimalism, while others thrive on colour-coded labels and consistency. A useful app like Evernote, which is designed for note taking and organisation can help you keep your personal life in order and work smarter. From digitally writing to do lists, shopping lists, capturing ideas and keeping track of finances, with Evernote everything is in one place and easy to find.

Evernote was founded to address a growing problem that technology helped to create: how to succeed in a world where the volume and velocity of the information are constantly increasing. People are overwhelmed with information and stressed and anxious about how to handle it all. The Evernote app helps people find focus – it gives you everything you need to keep life organised – great note taking, project planning and easy ways to find what you need, when you need it. Being more organised and productive will ultimately lead to more free time and less stress.

More than 225 million people around the world have discovered Evernote, which is used in over 25 languages every day.






Studies have shown that stress can take an enormous toll on the human body, increasing the risk of serious conditions. Exercise is beneficial for your physical health but can also have positive effects on your mental health. Not only can physical activity serve as a distraction from daily stressors, it also causes your body to release endorphins which in turn create a sense of overall well-being.

Isometric exercises for example, offer a quick and convenient way to get a quick mood boost anytime, anywhere. Isometric exercise can be as simple as holding a calf lift or pressing your palms together for a few seconds to engage your muscles, or you can use a device like the Activ5 if you’re looking for a little more guidance and direction.

The Activ5 by Activbody works in tandem with a free training app to coach users through short, isometric exercises that can be done virtually anywhere, so it can be great for individuals who struggle to find the time in the day to exercise. The app contains over 100 workouts, including yoga and full body toning in addition to ones targeting specific muscle groups; ideal if you know you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders and neck, for instance.

As well as alleviating stress, the Activ5 can help motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Fast, fun, and measuring data such as strength, strength increases, precision and other personal metrics, Activ5 uses your own body as resistance so you don’t need any other equipment. With Activ5 you can even exercise while playing one of the integrated games in the app, using the device as a controller. Playing games with the Activ5 is fun and challenging whilst still providing an effective workout.



GTR Bamboo All Terrain, Electronic Skateboard




GTR Bamboo All Terrain is the ultimate unwind tool. There was no better feeling to help calm and free your mind than going for a shred in the city or on an off-road track. The stronger build quality of the board, combined with the smooth and instant trigger response, makes the feel of the GTR Bamboo All Terrain the best ride money can get it. Riders describe the feeling of going for a ride on an off-road electric skateboard as peaceful, exhilarating or as a synonym of freedom.

The unrivalled performance for an off the shelf board, with huge range (up to 19 miles / 30km with a standard battery), big torque, and a hightech power management system which allows the boards to be ridden without worrying about voltage drop. The battery design is a 14aH unit built with 18650 Samsung Cells in a 10s4p configuration. There are no wires in the assembly, resulting in a very clean, safe, organised battery structure designed to flex with the deck.

The bamboo deck is a product of Evolve Skateboards new partnership with one of the most premium deck manufacturers in the skateboard world. It is constructed of 3 ply bamboo and 2 ply fibreglass, which gives a beautiful flex when riding and also has an adjustable wheelbase to dial in the perfect carve feeling. The boards have protective cases for the electronics to keep the units covered and sealed protecting them from impacts, dust and moisture. Another innovation is the Super Cave Trucks. They are forged, resulting in a much stronger truck than CNC.

It can reach a top speed of 22 mph, eats steep hills for breakfast (up to 25% gradient) and gives you 19 miles of range, so you can explore new places, with the feeling of carving on surf or snow while practising social distancing.


Groov-e Light Curve




Whereas a traditional alarm clock plays music or makes noise, the Groov-e Light Curve wake-up light is designed to gently lift you from your slumber, reducing the groggy feeling that many of us experience first thing in the morning. As a result, you get a natural energy boost without the stress and anxiety a blaring alarm can cause. Waking up to the Groov-e Light Curve will help you feel refreshed, improve your mood and put you in the best position to maximise productivity and efficiency throughout the day.

Mimicking natural daylight, the Groov-e Light Curve will come on at the selected time, starting off gently and gradually getting brighter until it’s at the optimum level to help rouse sleepy-heads. When it’s actually time to get out of bed, a chosen alarm sound or radio station will also be activated to help users wake fully.

Additionally, for those who have trouble going to sleep, the sunset stimulation mimics the end of the daylight, helping users ease into a relaxing light as they head into slumber.

The Groov-e Light Curve also features seven coloured mood lighting options making it ideal for anyone who wants to create more of a calming and relaxed atmosphere.


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